It was so disappointing to hear that America’s favorite Valentine’s Day Candy is unavailable this year. Sure, every girl loves chocolate, but who doesn’t look forward to a box of chalky textured hearts that reveal sweet sayings? Sweethearts will be missing from shelves this year since Necco, the original candy producer went out of business last year.  I remember being in grammar school and handing out small boxes to every student in the classroom. That tradition lasted many years. It was so fun to read “squeeze me”  or “kiss me” on a candy.  The candy’s new owner Spangler Candy Company promises to have Sweethearts back on the shelves next year.

In the meantime, we are faced with finding a replacement. Krispy Kreme is going to sell heart-shaped donuts topped with colored frosting and phrases that say “pick me” and “be mine“.   That seems like a good alternative!

When walking down the cereal isle we are faced with many choices.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cap’n Crunch came out with a new flavor. This limited edition will be sure to satisfy our chocolate crunch craving ladies. It’ll be like taking Crunch Berries and mixing them with Chocolatey Crunch. You can buy it in stores, on Amazon, or directly from Quaker Oats. I will be running to the cereal isle to grab a box!

If you want to impress your Valentine with a homemade dinner, be sure to serve the ketchup Heinz created for Valentine’s Day. How does ketchup caviar grab you? The caviar comes in small red balls filled with ketchup. Only 150 jars have been produced and you need to tweet to win the ketchup.  Love to write more, but I gotta get on Twitter before it’s too late!

Maryann MorganJoel and Maryann in the Morning