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…make sure you don’t tumble down with it!

I love Christmas. Can you tell?

Are you anything like me? You get hyped up about the holiday season almost as soon as you see the first Christmas decoration in stores in September. Then, Halloween comes and goes, and you start to slowly start to decorate. A wreath there, a candle there. After that, the tree goes up, the light-up Santa, the stockings by the fireplace, the Christmas unicorn on the coffee table. (Wait, is that last one just me?)

The rush and anticipation of the holidays always make the last month or two of the year fly by. Before you know it, it’s your annual Friendsgiving, your office holiday party, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and then…

Yeah, exactly. And then, a whole big bunch of nothing! Decorations come down, the lights are turned off, and Bing Crosby and Burl Ives go back into hibernation until the following November.

So how do you keep your spirits up when you’re forced to go back to work after having multiple days off in a row, indulging in every rich, delicious food and drinking every type of alcohol known to man?

Celebrating my birthday with friends last year after work!

Getting together with friends after the holidays to keep the spirit alive!

For me, it’s easy! I have two of my closest friends’ birthdays right after the new year, and then, my birthday is February 1!

But if you’re not that lucky, here’s a tip: Do some belated holiday get-togethers! If you have friends who you can see on a regular basis, postpone your gift exchanges and get-togethers until AFTER the holidays, so you still have things to look forward to!

Worried about too much indulgence? Try a nice lunch or dinner at a healthy restaurant where you know you’ll be able to get a reasonable meal that won’t break the bank (or your calorie limit)!

How do you keep sane after the holidays?

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