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We’re all in search of magic in our everyday lives, so last year for Halloween, I had to bring that magic to life – in the form of a unicorn!

No, it’s not quite as imaginative or creative as Joel Katz’s amazing costume idea, but it had one of my favorite qualities a costume could have – it was easy! I was able to pick it up on a shopping trip while getting a few other things, and I did it totally on a whim.

A unicorn Brett at happy hour

And, on top of that, it turned a number of heads. Walking into the office, watching people do a quick double take as I strutted by was priceless! Imagine walking into the office restroom or out to grab a sandwich for lunch in a head-to-toe outfit. Apparently grown-ups don’t dress up in the office all that much, so I’m apparently an outlier or just still a child at heart.

Later on in the day, I remember going to a happy hour and sitting at the bar, sipping a Manhattan in a unicorn outfit. I mean, who’s the last time you saw a unicorn at happy hour??

I’ll have to report back what I’m doing this year for Halloween – it’s still a toss-up, and I have a party to go to in a week! Do you think I can top the unicorn??