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Let’s be real. We all love snacking on Halloween candy. We buy it weeks in advance just to say we’re “stocked up” for the big day when trick or treaters swarm our front doors. But when it comes down to it, those huge bags never stay closed until Halloween. Within a day or two of buying them, we have to “test” it to make sure it’s good. You know. A Twix here. A Kit Kat there. A white chocolate Hershey’s nugget. It’s all good, right?

But now, how about we up our “testing” game and add some WINE to the mix?

We’re adults here. We like a little wine buzz after a long day at work or after shuttling the kids back and forth to soccer practice, choir concerts, playdates, etc.

So, the next time you’re sneaking a piece of candy, pour yourself a glass of wine to go along with it. Here are some of my favorite “pairings”!

  • Milk chocolate: Most of the candy you’re giving out is milk chocolate, so this is probably your best bet if you’re making a wine run after reading this. I LOVE milk chocolate with a medium- to full-bodied red, like a merlot, pinot noir or even a cabernet. Not too sweet to overpower the decadence of the milk chocolate, but just enough to complement the flavor. You can even try a less sweet sparkling wine here if you’re looking for the bubbles, but I am more of a red guy when it comes to the Kit Kats, Nestle Crunches, Twix bars, etc.
  • Dark chocolate: If you have some of those Hershey’s special dark miniatures lying around, this is where you bring in the darkest, boldest of flavors with still a tinge of sweetness to balance out the slightly bitter flavor.
  • White chocolate: This is probably the rarest when it comes to Halloween candy, but hey, we’re trying to be prepared for anything that might get tossed into your trick or treat basket! White wines usually pair best with white chocolates in my experience. If you really want to hit that sweet tooth, a good moscato is perfect for white wine. But, if you’re more into a dry white, even a chardonnay could work.

So, there you have it. Some recommendations about Halloween candy and wine based solely off my own wine-scapades. Granted, these could be perfect for you. Or, they might not. But hey, after a few glasses of wine, will you really care how well it pairs with the candy? LOL

Cheers! I mean… Happy Halloween!