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I’m not one to be a Debbie Downer, but the other day was such a disaster that you have to laugh when you look back on it. (Okay, I’m still gritting my teeth at some of the memories, but hopefully it’ll be all laughs by next week…)

When the forecast calls for rain, it shouldn’t be from your ceiling!

The forecast was calling for rain all day, but when I got home from my morning walk, it happened to be raining in my bathroom! There was a puddle of cold water on my floor and a leak coming from the panel over my shower. (Let’s just say I didn’t use the nicest of words when I noticed it.) I called down to the front desk to have the maintenance man come take a look. Since I live in an apartment building, they thought it was coming from the apartment above me.

I went to work, hoping it would be fixed by the time I returned home, thinking that the day would only get better from there. (It HAD to, right?)

Well, it did not… lol

For lunch, I went out to a local deli to pick up a pesto chicken wrap with a coworker. On the way back in, we decided to take the elevator. What a mistake THAT turned out to be! We both had been having a terrible week so far, so I joked, “Yeah, watch this elevator plummet down to the basement!” after getting on. Seconds later, just about reaching the fifth floor, it started to shake vigorously and started dropping.

Me and my coworker Emily, stuck in a random windowless room after our elevator mishap!

Scared out of our minds, I pressed the “open door” button continuously until the elevator stopped on the third floor – a place I had never been and never want to be again! It was filled with ductwork, doors with warning signs and equipment with a lot of flashing lights. And get this – the elevator wouldn’t come back! We called a coworker to contact the front desk, and not even security had clearance to access the floor we were on. How did WE get here??

Eventually, we found a passageway that led to a doorway that led to a long hallway that only then led to a staircase, which we took down to the lobby. We found another elevator to take us upstairs, but boy were we shaken up! It was as if we were in one of those Twilight Zone episodes where you get off of an elevator, and you’re in another time period or something!

It took a good 30 minutes for us to feel back to normal, but that’s a moment we’ll never forget! I also got poured on after getting my hair cut later in the day, but that’s par for the course on a day like that! (Mercury Retrograde begins today, July 25, too, so I’m afraid what the next few weeks hold if this happened BEFORE it started!)

I had a ton of rosé before going to bed, and boy did I sleep well that night!

How do you deal with days that just seem to be the worst?