Mike McGinn

EZ-Pass Overcharges Thousands In New Jersey

Thousands of people who drove through the Great Egg Harbor toll plaza in Atlantic County in September were over charged by EZ-Pass. Due to a system malfunction between September 20th and the 29th, around four thousand people were over charged an additional two dollars extra each time they drove through the toll. According to the state, one of the toll lanes was the main source of the problem. It charged regular passenger vehicles the amount it would cost for trucks and tractor-trailers. That state has stated that your bill will automatically be adjusted if you were overcharged, but I would still double check to be safe. With prices of goods & services skyrocketing due to inflation, this can be a massive inconvenience for middle class New Jerseyians. [select-listicle listicle_id="773532" syndication_name="top-5-places-to-go-when-mother-nature-is-angry-in-new-jersey" description="yes"]

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