392725 01: This undated photo shows an E-ZPass automated toll collection card, which allows tri-state commuters to pay tolls automatically at metropolitan-area bridges and tunnels. A large volume of complaints have been received by the E-Z Pass customer service department, it was reported August 1, 2001, which stem from New Jersey motorists continuously being overcharged at toll booths. (Photo by E-ZPass/Getty Images)

Thousands of people who drove through the Great Egg Harbor toll plaza in Atlantic County in September were over charged by EZ-Pass. Due to a system malfunction between September 20th and the 29th, around four thousand people were over charged an additional two dollars extra each time they drove through the toll.

According to the state, one of the toll lanes was the main source of the problem. It charged regular passenger vehicles the amount it would cost for trucks and tractor-trailers. That state has stated that your bill will automatically be adjusted if you were overcharged, but I would still double check to be safe.

With prices of goods & services skyrocketing due to inflation, this can be a massive inconvenience for middle class New Jerseyians.

Top 5 Places To Go When Mother Nature Is Angry In New Jersey

The past few days in the Garden State have been miserable due to the non stop rain. The drive to work takes a little longer because you have to be more cautious on the roads. Baseball games are getting postponed so now you’re stuck with nothing to watch. You can’t even go outside to enjoy the cool breeze and feel the seasons changing. Plus, With winter right around the corner we all know that snow is going to keep us trapped inside as well. So lets face it, rain and snow can really just ruin any chance of having fun unless you know where to go.

New Jersey is actually full of some amazing indoor attractions where you can get out of the house with the whole family and never realize the weather is miserable outside. You just need to know where to go.

Take a look below and you’ll realize there’s no reason you should be stuck in the house and bored out of your mind on days like we’ve had to sit through as of late. Go have some fun!

  • iPlay America

    Are you even from New Jersey if you’ve never heard of iPlay America in Freehold? This family friendly indoor amusement center has something for everyone. They have arcade games, and indoor top golf suite, mini ferris wheels. go karts, laser tag and so much more! Whenever you find the whole family stuck inside bored on a lousy rainy day, I think iPlay American can help change that!

  • FunTime Junction

    FunTime Junction in Fairfield, New Jersey is an indoor children amusement center and it’s been around since 1994. Featured at FunTime Junction is an upgraded “FunCade” and prize redemption center, “vest-less” laser tag, a helicopter carousel ride, toddler playground, Beam floor projection game, LiteZilla (giant Lite Brite), and the all-new Krazy Kars! The place had gotten so popular with families that it was even featured in News 12 as a place to go when the weather isn’t so nice outside.

  • Xtreme Energy Active Play

    This is the perfect place if your a parent and you would love to get your kids away from video games and television. Xtreme Energy Active Play in Englewood, allows kids to get out of the house when mother nature isn’t being to friendly, but invites kids to do more then play video games. They want their kids to run, jump, climb and even test out their ninja skills. Xtreme Energy Active Play is the perfect place to bring your kids if you want them to be more active in life. This place makes me wish I could be a kid again.

    Take a look at all the fun these two kids were able to have on their adventure to Xtreme Energy Active Play.

  • MiMa Create And Play

    According to their website, “MiMa create and play is an open-ended indoor kid zone, simply inspired by children themselves and their magical play world. We are a remarkable place where active, healthy play, the arts, and unspoiled nature all thrive. We have deepened our knowledge from around the country and around the world; we have backgrounds in design, art and above all- raising children. Most of all we have a great passion for all small and big things around us, and MiMa create and play is the reflection of who we are, and what we love to do.”

    As i dug a little deeper you can see they have attractions for kids to really have some fun and learn. From an imagination playground, a climbing wall, hammocks, hanging ladders, buoy balls and so much more, the kids will have so much fun exploring the world of MiMa in Jersey City!


  • The Funplex

    The Funplex in East Hanover and Mount Laurel, New Jersey is absolutely insane! From bowling, a waterpark, a warrior course, rides, virtual reality and more, The Funplex is a must go to destination to have some indoor fun! They have been around for 25 years and it’s easy to see why they have been so successful. Not only will the kids have the time of their lives, I think the grown ups will be asking to come back again. This might be on of the coolest indoor spots, ever!