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When I was asked to write about my favorite tradition, I think I was stumped even more than when I was asked about my favorite Christmas movies or Christmas songs! While I’d love to say that my favorite tradition is kicking off all Christmas music on Magic, I think there’s more to it than that.

I think the real reason is that there are so many aspects of the season that I cherish. And that is because the holidays bring out the best in all of us. Even though the holidays bring back just as many sad memories as they often do happy ones, for the vast majority of us, the holidays mean family, friends, food (duh!) and just general all-around good cheer. So, while this may not be a typical “tradition,” I would have to say that my favorite part about the holidays is spending time with the people who mean the most to you – regardless of how near or far they live from you or how often you see them outside of the holidays.

Every time we play “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” here on Magic, I get a little misty when I hear the line ,“Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more.”  I have friends and family everywhere from Jersey to Pennsylvania to California to North Carolina to Virginia to Michigan… But what makes me love the holidays the most is being able to spend time with them, enjoy their company, catch up and revel in the magic that is the Christmas season. From a mini family reunion on Thanksgiving night to our Magic company Christmas party to getting to spend time with friends who have moved away as they write the next chapters in their lives, what matters most to me this time of year is being with the people I care about and helping them keep the magic of Christmas in their hearts. That might mean sending a thoughtful gift, making a surprise visit or just buying them a tasty drink (who doesn’t love that?)!

No matter what tradition may be tied with these reunions in your family or friend groups, take some time out of your holiday season to let people know how much you care about them. It might not take much more than a quick phone call or FaceTime conversation. Or that once-a-year Christmas Eve Eve (yes, that’s two “Eves!”) reunion you have with your best friends before you dive into the holidays with your family. Or baking cookies to leave for Santa. Or building  a gingerbread house! But you never know just how far a small gesture will go – especially around this time of year. Cherish the people you love – and try as much as you can to keep the kind spirit that accompanies the Christmas season alive all season long.

There’s a lot for us to be preoccupied with… But there’s just as much – probably more – to be grateful for. As the classic song lyric goes, “Count your blessings instead of sheep.” Because we truly do have much to be thankful for – during the holidays and all year long. Thank you for welcoming me – and the entire Magic family – into your homes, your offices, your cars – wherever you listen! – this holiday season. I’m thrilled to be able to share part of this magical time of year with you, all while playing some of the greatest songs ever made. Let this year be the year you make a new tradition to show your family and friends how much you care about them – not just at Christmas, but all year long. Merry Christmas!