So I was asked to name my top three Christmas songs. Hmmmmmm, there are so many ways I can go with this because I kind of love them all. So to pick my top three, I had to think about which songs either made me have a solo jam out session in the car like that weirdo you judged because you caught him having a little to much fun in traffic or just makes me laugh and helps me not take life so seriously.

One Christmas song that I can seriously have a jam session to over & over again is NSync Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Not going to lie, every time you hear me play this on the radio, I’m in the studio all by myself trying to hit those notes like Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez. (It doesnt go so well lol!)


For song number two, I had to go with The 12 Days of Christmas …. well it’s not the original song. An old school Italian family came together in 2011 and created a remix to the song and called it “12 Days of Guido Christmas.” Having some Italian in my blood & marrying a girl who has family straight from Calabria, this song just hits home for me & makes me laugh every time.

And last but not least, Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World! They took a Christmas classic and put their own little twist on it. Be careful when listening to this song, you might end up doing the air guitar all by yourself when you’re driving!