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Have you ever gone shopping for Christmas presents and then realized when you get home that all you’ve done is buy a boatload of stuff that you don’t really need… for yourself?

Did I need these boots? Probably not.

I had a rude awakening last week when I went to place a few online orders, only to realize that a ton of things were already on backorder or wouldn’t make it in time for Christmas. So, to avoid any shipping hassles, I figured I would go out last Friday and try to find the perfect gifts for friends, family and coworkers at traditional brick and mortar stores. (Yes, they still exist!)

As much as shopping can be stressful at the holidays, sometimes venturing to stores during the day when it’s not prime shopping time can actually be enjoyable! Space to browse, no long lines and not nearly as much crazy.

Quite the shopping spree…

A few hours later, I found myself walking out with a handful of bags. The problem was, when I got home and unloaded everything, I realized I had purchased not a single thing for anyone aside from myself! Two sweaters here, a long-sleeved tee there, some chinos, a pair of boots… Granted, I’m ready to go for the Magic company holiday party next week (and every day until next year’s party), but it didn’t help me check any other people off my list or save any money!

Needless to say, I found myself doing some online shopping as soon as I got off the air with you! A nice cup of hot chocolate, a Christmas candle and the sounds of the season on Magic really motivated me to get my shop on – for people OTHER than myself! Maybe it will get me back on the nice list… though it might also get me in debt. (Something you won’t have to worry about if you score $1000 in Christmas Cash from Magic – time is running out to win, so make sure you know every way you can get in the running!)

What did you buy for yourself while you were out shopping for others this holiday season? Feel free to send something you don’t need to me. Especially sweaters. The uglier the better!