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Not bad for the kid who used to take 16 minutes to run a mile in elementary school gym, right?

After a holiday weekend filled with chocolate, cheese, wine and a ton of other indulgences, I got on the scale this morning and was… let’s just say less than pleased. I thought I was doing pretty well earlier this year with eating well and exercising to at least look halfway decent for summer. (The chiseled abs will have to be Photoshopped, no doubt.)

I LOVE walking. I walk all over the place. One day this month, I actually walked almost 20 miles in a single day! Debbie and I have that in common. We often chat on the phone in the morning to help pass the time as we’re getting our steps in! But, it’s not enough. My body has become accustomed to it, and I need to do something different. Do you ever feel the same way? Like you’re really making a concerted effort to make progress but just don’t see it?

Here’s the issue. For me, going to the gym is a chore. I drag myself there each and every morning, hoping that one day, I’ll actually enjoy lifting weights, working with that exercise ball, hopping on the elliptical, etc. But I plod through it, dreaming of getting out and enjoying the outdoors. So now that the weather is warmer, I went out and started running recently. I was able to average around an 8’40” mile and finish 2.5 miles without too much huffing and puffing. (After being the kid who would run a 16+-minute mile in elementary school, it’s certainly an improvement!) I have a nice river trail that I usually like to run by, which helps from a scenery perspective. But even that gets old after a while.

If you’re in a similar position, what have you been doing to mix up your routine and get yourself pumped about exercising? I’d love to know because I need some help!