Ingredients Inside Cadbury Creme Eggs REVEALED!

It’s Good Friday, and that means Easter is two days away. A day when the Easter Bunny brings tons of delicious candy to children all over the world. Among that deliciousness, there will be millions of Cadbury Crème Eggs showing up in Easter baskets. Most everybody loves these chocolate-shelled eggs filled with some sort of sugary slim inside that kids and adults love to savor and enjoy. They're one of the most famous candy treats this time of year yet there are so many of us, including me, (until now) wondering what that stuff is inside. Most people don’t know, I conducted a quick non-scientific survey around the radio station and nobody answered correctly as to what’s inside Cadbury Crème Eggs. These are people who eat them each year or have eaten them at some point in their lives. Most guessed “sugar,” one guessed “nougat,” and two guessed “icing.” All incorrect. According to Cadbury, the Crème Eggs contain a “unique milk chocolate shell and soft fondant center. So, the answer is “fondant.” The next question is “What is fondant?” According to TikToker @abbeythefoodscientist fondant is “sugar, milk, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, inverted sugar syrup, dried whey, vegetable fats, and dried egg whites.” https://www.tiktok.com/@abbeythefoodscientist/video/6814568095466687749 There’s your answer, and many were surprised to find out that there is some actual egg inside the Cadbury eggs along with many other ingredients to make the filling look like the inside of a real egg. Listen to Joel Katz and Maryann Morgan every weekday morning from 6 to 10 AM for everything you need to get your workday moving in the right direction. Joel and Maryann keep you informed with news updates at the top of every hour, traffic and weather three times an hour, and Entertainment Updates at 6:10 and 8:10. Check out “What’s Trending” at 7:10 and “What Are You Talking About” at 9:10. The winning starts at 6:45 with the “Impossible Question,” and continues at 7:20, 8:20 and 9:20. Joel and Maryann in the Morning on Magic 98.3   [select-listicle listicle_id="807824" syndication_name="new-to-streaming-for-april" description="yes"]    

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