Spring is right around the corner and that means supermarket shelves will be stocking up on everybody’s favorite treat…Peeps!

This year, why not try something out of the ordinary and give some of these rather unusual peep flavors a try!

  • Hot Tamale 

These new fierce cinnamon flavored peeps will for sure leave your mouth watering!

  • Cotton Candy

Another relatively new flavor to the Peep scene! If you’re a carnival lover and have a sweet-tooth craving, this is the flavor for you! These bright pink peeps even have little blue specks of sugar!


  • Party Cake

Another peep flavor that comes with sprinkles for added fun! The perfect flavor to go with any celebration!

  • Sweet Lemonade

The most delicious and refreshing Peep flavor you will find. Part of the proceeds for each package sold of this flavor goes towards Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.




  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte

If you’re one of those people who craves pumpkin-spiced coffee all year round, then this is the Peep flavor for you!


  • Blueberry delight

One of the many variety flavors Peeps come in. What makes them delightful? They’re dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate…YUM! Some also include fillings like chocolate or caramel swirl. You can also find Peep delights in flavors such as, orange, vanilla, strawberry, coconut and even sugar cookie!

  • Sour Watermelon

Some might say this flavor is a little out there, but you’d either love or hate this bold Peep flavor! You can find this green on the outside but pink marshmallow on the inside treat in any of your local stores!


  • Bubblegum

Isn’t it a shame that we shouldn’t swallow bubblegum? Well, now you don’t have to worry with this new flavor


  • Pancakes and Syrup

The new peep flavors keep getting more and more bizarre! Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t have sweets for breakfast!

  • Mystery Flavored

Can’t decide which peep flavor best fits your taste-buds? Don’t worry, they got you covered! Pick up a package of mystery flavored peeps in your local store and the have fun trying to guess the flavor!