With the Easter Bunny hopping its way into town this weekend, parents may be struggling to find creative ways to show that everybody’s favorite rabbit visited their home.

Aside from setting up a ton of candy for the whole family to enjoy, we thought of some creative and funny ways to show that the Easter Bunny did in fact come to your house.

  • 1. Leaving Carrots

    Just like good old Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny has a food craving, but instead of cookies, they have one for carrots. And if you really wanted to go the extra mile to be creative. You even leave a carrot in your child’s room for them to find.

  • 2. Bunny trail

    Leaving behind some bunny marks for you and your family to investigate in the morning could lead to a fun holiday activity and who knows you may also be able to find some of your hidden eggs along the way. 


  • 3. Hiding Painted Eggs

    This one would take some swift action, but besides your normal hidden eggs, you may also be able to hide some already painted eggs as a way to show the Easter Bunny not only came to your house. But they also had some fun of their own.

  • 4. Leaving behind some ‘bunny fur’

    The Easter Bunny may be fast to travel the whole world, but that doesn’t mean he always has time to stop at the easter barber before his long trip. You could hide fur around your home, and maybe even put it in some of your eggs as a fun way to show that even the Easter Bunny needs a haircut. 

  • 5. Leaving behind handwritten notes!

    Leaving behind a personalized card from the Easter Bunny is a fun way to make your whole family laugh. It can also be used to keep the magic alive or even leave hints as to where the Easter Bunny has hidden their eggs. 

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