390970 11: The cat Calico wears glasses as he arrives at the world premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures'' "Cats and Dogs" June 23, 2001 at the Mann''s Village Theatre in Westwood, CA. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images)

I love Facebook Marketplace because sometimes you can really get a deal! I know people who have furnished their entire apartments with Marketplace items.  Everything from cookware to what lawnmowers can be bought on that site.  I would purchase a couch but I would get it steam cleaned before I actually brought it inside my house because I know someone who bought a couch and then their house was infested with fleas! Certainly not a bargain when you have them all over the house!

I bet this is something that you never thought would be found inside the couch…

CTV News says a Vancouver, Canada man was planning to move. We have all been there, when we move we usually want to upgrade our furniture or at least get a different style couch.  Matt Laribou listed his furniture for sale.  At the same time, his calico cat, Marley, went missing. After searching for his cat with no luck, Matt  figured she jumped out of a window and was gone. Matt was extremely excited when he received a call four days later from the people he sold his couch to. Marley was found burrowed inside of the couch. Marley and Matt reunited.

Maryann Morgan

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