Derek Smith, the executive director of the Franklin Food Bank, joined us in the studio to discuss, among other things, their community distribution on the first Wednesday of every month.

While we all know (and feel) the effects of rising food costs, supply shortages, and high gas prices, the impact in our area is particularly sharp. Fact: a household in Somerset County needs to bring home at least $118,000 in order to cover basic, minimum expenses.

That means more working people are finding it hard to make ends meet. Those who were already dealing with food insecurity (like single parents, the unemployed, the elderly, and disabled people) are dealing with even greater uncertainty. Now, more than ever, it’s important to know about this important community outreach.

The Franklin Food Bank has served Franklin Township since 1975, and since the onset of COVID-19, they’re serving more than ever from within the township and beyond. They offer community food distribution on the first Wednesday of each month at the Franklin Police Department, no questions asked. If anyone needs more support, they’re welcome to shop at the organization’s market-style distribution at the food bank on Churchill Ave.

Consider the fact that many who benefit from the Franklin Food Bank are neighbors who are just like you. who may have fallen on some hard times and need a little help to get back on track.

Take a listen to what Derek has to say and please take action; if you can, please consider a donation to the Franklin Food Bank to help them carry out their work; if you need help, please call the Franklin Food Bank to make sure you and your family are safe and nourished.

Derek shared, “On any given day you’ll see people coming to the parking lot on foot with carts picking up food. You’ll also see people coming in Audis or Mercedes coming in shopping. We don’t ask any questions. There’s a stigma that’s attached to coming to food pantries and soup kitchens across the country. What we focus on is treating our clients with the utmost dignity and respect. We want our clients to walk into the food pantry with their heads held high, we’re here to support and serve, no questions asked, that’s what we’re focused on.”

Check out all the information and the entire interview here…

Franklin Food Bank: Get help or give help at  or 732-246-0009

3 New Jersey Restaurants Among Yelp's Top 100 U.S. Restaurants of 2023

Food is one of the few things that can really bring people together. Sometimes people use eating as a way to socialize, and some have even turned eating into a career or a professional sport.

So can you believe that among the million-plus restaurants in the United States? Some of the very best are located right here in New Jersey!?

Each year the online crowdsource review site Yelp publishes its top restaurants across the United States. They gather the data through user submissions and other cultural factors such as geographic representation, ratings, reviews, etc.

You’ll be glad to know Jersey had three locations this year within the top 100. This is an increase from Yelp’s 2022 list in which only two Garden State restaurants were honored.

With such a wide variety of food types having even one place featured is a win in my book. It certainly goes to show that New Jersey residents know a thing or two about food.

This year’s winners included Jessica’s Café(40) a delightful Italian and French fusion located in Plainfield. Kenko Sushi(78) over in Lincoln Park which offers quality sushi rolls. Lastly, Nicholas Anthony’s Family Kitchen(88) right in West Orange makes you feel like a part of the family as they offer up some Italian cuisine.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the three ranked Jersey locations, but maybe you’re planning a road trip across the Great Garden State so why not hit all three? This is the 10-year anniversary since Yelp started its annual listing. You know the competition was fierce, so if you’re even traveling out of state here is 100 of the best eating establishments this year according to Yelp.

  • 1. Broken Mouth | Lee’s Homestyle, Los Angeles, California

  • 2. Kaaloa’s Super Js Authentic Hawaiian, Captain Cook, Hawaii

  • 3. Archibalds Village Bakery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 4. Beyer Deli, San Diego, California

  • 5. Adela’s Country Eatery, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

  • 6. Sunbliss Cafe, Anaheim, California

  • 7. The Nook Cajun Cafe, Norco, California

  • 8. Tumerico, Tucson, Arizona

  • 9. Selam Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine, Orlando, Florida

  • 10. Sababa Falafel Shop, Garden Grove, California

  • 11. Chellas Arepa Kitchen, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  • 12. Appu’s Cafe, Long Beach, California

  • 13. Little France Coffee & Bakery, Mission Viejo, California

  • 14. Gigi’s Cafe, Burlingame, California

  • 15. Vietwich, Stafford, Texas

  • 16. Crumbville, Houston, Texas

  • 17. Ekiben, Baltimore, Maryland

  • 18. Trust, Santa Ana, California

  • 19. Arario Midtown, Reno, Nevada

  • 20. GONZO!, Carlsbad, California

  • 21. Uptown Eats, St. Petersburg, Florida

  • 22. 1618 Asian Fusion, Austin, Texas

  • 23. BMORE Protein Pub, Long Beach, California

  • 24. Zenaida’s Cafe, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 25. Rajas con Crema, Maywood, California

  • 26. Buendia Breakfast & Lunch Cafe, Tucson, Arizona

  • 27. XOchimilco Mexican Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois

  • 28. Baobab Fare, Detroit, Michigan

  • 29. Malka, Portland, Oregon

  • 30. Kadence, Orlando, Florida

  • 31. Falafel Inc, Washington, D.C.

  • 32. Geno D’s Pizza, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • 33. Rice Box Kitchen, Reno, Nevada

  • 34. Maison Cafe & Market, Dana Point, California

  • 35. Baba Kabob, San Diego, California

  • 36. Cafe D’Marie, Davenport, Iowa

  • 37. Vida, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • 38. House of Falafel, Farmington Hills, Michigan

  • 39. De Babel, Scottsdale, AZ

  • 40. Jessica’s Cafe, Plainfield, New Jersey

  • 41. Dolce Vita, Oxnard, California

  • 42. Hungry Pants, Orlando, Florida

  • 43. izzy’s Comfort Kitchen, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  • 44. OmG Omakase by Gino, Santa Ana, California

  • 45. La Condesa Eatery, Reno, Nevada

  • 46. Nonno’s Ristorante, Murrieta, California

  • 47. burger-chan, Houston, Texas

  • 48. Jot India Restaurant, Newport, Kentucky

  • 49. Izakaya Tori, Tampa, Florida

  • 50. CRUST, Miami, Florida

  • 51. Two Birds Cafe, West Chester, Pennsylvania

  • 52. Mike’s Red Tacos, San Diego, California

  • 53. North South Grill, Pembroke Pines, Florida

  • 54. Botto’s BBQ, Portland, Oregon

  • 55. Curry Hyuga, Burlingame, California

  • 56. Sandra’s Next Generation, New Haven, Connecticut

  • 57. Cocina Madrigal, Phoenix, Arizona

  • 58. Sunny Thai, Arlington, Texas

  • 59. Root, Newport, Rhode Island

  • 60. The Bao Spot, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 61. Lord Empanada, Monrovia, California

  • 62. Fattoush Mediterranean Kitchen, Pantego, Texas

  • 63. Balmoral Restaurant, Campton Hills, Illinois

  • 64. Catullo’s Italian, Jacksonville, Florida

  • 65. Buena Gente Cuban Bakery, Decatur, Georgia

  • 66. West Coast Taco Bar, Sacramento, California

  • 67. Bocata Arepa Bar, Glen Allen, Virginia

  • 68. Sam’s Italian Deli & Market, Fresno, California

  • 69.La Cabaña, Seattle, Washington

  • 70. Thanh Do Restaurant, Garden Grove, California

  • 71. Guava Tree Cafe, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • 72. Maui Bread Company, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

  • 73. Wellness Sushi, Denver, Colorado

  • 74. Chadd’s Bistro, Rochester Hills, Michigan

  • 75. Freeman’s Grub & Pub, Greensboro, North Carolina

  • 76. The Kitchen Restaurant, Sacramento, California

  • 77. Bunbury, Miami, Florida

  • 78. Kenko Sushi, Lincoln Park, New Jersey

  • 79. Rossi Rosticceria Deli, Poughkeepsie, New York

  • 80. Jaguar Sun, Miami, Florida

  • 81. Corazon Taste of Mexico, Brea, California

  • 82. Twice Removed, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 83. YiaYia’s Greek Kitchen, Torrington, Connecticut

  • 84. Taqueria El Amigo, Waltham, Massachusetts

  • 85. Ling’s Asian Cuisine, Omaha, Nebraska

  • 86. Ricky’s Hot Chicken, Richardson, Texas

  • 87. 185, Poquoson, Virginia

  • 88. Nicholas Anthony’s Family Kitchen, West Orange, New Jersey

  • 89. Fiore Market, South Pasadena, California

  • 90. Tukro Coffee, Dunedin, Florida

  • 91. Livery—Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • 92. Boxcar Betty’s, Charleston, South Carolina

  • 93. La Reforma Brewery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • 94. Hanuman Thai Eatery, Costa Mesa, California

  • 95. Il Paesano, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 96. Pitaland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • 97. Silver Fork, Manchester, Vermont

  • 98. Gumba, Portland, Oregon

  • 99. Kiin Di, Austin, Texas

  • 100. Timmy’s Brown Bag, Placerville, California