(Photo by Franziska Krug/Getty Images)

Top Gun: Maverick‘s box office domination continued this weekend, as it soared past the $1 billion mark.

Disney may ask Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson to replace Will Smith in ”Aladdin 2”. They also want him to play the lead in their live action remake of ”Treasure Planet”. The film has a budget of $140 million.

Pete Davidson is going to join the second season of ”The Kardashians”.  It is only going to make fans that much more interested in watching.

The Gabby Petito’s story has caused a lot of outrage since the release of Brian Laundrie’s journal, which indicates that he killed Gabby in a ‘mercy kill’. Lifetime is producing this new movie called The Gabby Petito Story, which released a scene of the heated argument being portrayed on camera between Gabby and Brian. Many people online are upset that Lifetime would release footage exploiting this situation after Brian’s journal was released for the public to view. Lifetime is set to release its project before the end of the year.