(Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Ellen’s final show today will be filled with tears and joy.  Her mood during the last two weeks was very crying, but a happy cry. All her crying was nothing but gratitude for what she had accomplished together with her staff. The sadness was that she wasn’t going to get to see her staff every day.

Tom Cruise is receiving 20% of Top Gun: Maverick’s profits. The film is projected to make $1 billion worldwide meaning Tom will earn $200 million for the film.

Apple TV+ is going to do a new live-action Speed Racer TV series based on the 1960s cartoon. 

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial has been good for sales of his Christian Dior cologne, Sauvage. The company has been selling one bottle every three seconds. Each bottle costs $160 resulting in sales of over $4.5 million a day.

 Jeopardy fans are upset with current host Mayim Bialik because she made a marijuana joke earlier this week during a show. The clue was;  “Marijuana issue sent to this ‘committee’ generally composed of members of both houses of a legislature.”  Champion Ryan Long responded,   “What is bipartisan committee?”  He was wrong as Mayim said,   “Joint committee. Get it?”