BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - JUNE 16: Garbage ripped open by rats sits in front of Chipotle's restaurant on Court Street June 16, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York. Numerous complaints about rat infestation and the restaurant's garbage have been filed with the City of New York for over a year. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

There are some cities in America that have a reputation, and they’re not known for their cleanliness, the people at LawnStarter looked into which ones are the dirtiest.

They compared 152 of the largest cities in the States, ranking them on many factors “including pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.” Houston, TX, came in as the dirtiest.

It’s hard to believe that New York City didn’t crack the top 10, they ranked number twelve. Houston was also ahead of San Bernardino, CA, in the third slot, and Detroit, MI landed at number four. Last on the list at #152, was the cleanest of all, Virginia Beach, VA.

Philadelphia, PA fell into the twenty-sixth spot, with Bridgeport, CT at thirty-seven, Rochester, NY at eightieth, and Syracuse at one hundred twelfth. One of the cleanest is Buffalo, NY which can be found way down towards the bottom of the list at one hundred forty-seventh.

Here are 2023’s top 10 dirtiest cities in America, as ranked by Lawnstarter, with two towns in New Jersey making the list…


  • 1. Houston, TX

  • 2. Newark, NJ

  • 3. San Bernardino, CA

  • 4. Detroit, MI

  • 5. Jersey City, NJ

  • 6. Bakersfield, CA

  • 7. San Antonio, TX

  • 8. Fresno, CA

  • 9. Oklahoma City, OK

  • 10. Yonkers, NY

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