Joel & Maryann spoke with parents David Nathan and Bradi Harrison who tragically lost their son Jack at the age of 20.  As parents, they will continue to advocate for Mental Health Awareness, work to break the stigma attached to it and speak out and promote what Jack always believed.  “It’s ok to not be ok!”  Jack was building a community for the misunderstood and he was just getting started.

David and Bradi Nathan have done so much in such a little amount of time to get out the message of what  Happy Jack stands for.  The scope of what their son stood for and what they are doing as his parents, sister and family to keep his legacy alive.

“Happy Jack” is Jack Nathan. A spiritual, loving and gentle soul whose sole purpose is to make this world a more inclusive place for anyone who suffers from mental health issues.
Jack channeled his anxiety by painting, creating and designing, allowing him to understand how to manage his thoughts and help others do the same.  He wanted everyone to know that it’s okay not to be okay. 

Listen to the Interview to Hear Jack’s Parents Discuss Mental Health: