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(Photo by Cambridgeshire Constabulary via Getty Images)

This is a prime example of the most Intantist Karma ever! (instantist may not be an actual word, but it works perfectly here)

The woman in the video was arrested after she was caught on camera, shall we say, committing an illegal act. As you’ll see, her act of revenge literally blew up in her face.

TMZ identified her as 26-year-old Sydney Parham, and thanks to the video and witnesses she was picked up by police at her home and later charged. Thanks to witnesses, authorities were able to quickly identify Parham and arrest her outside of her home. The owner of the car, Avery Stephens, said he knew her, but didn’t know why she would do what she did.

Her lawyer said, “She’s presumed innocent unless proven guilty.”  Watch this an see if you agree.

Instant Karma (sorta????????‍♀️) Girl Sets Car On Fire, Explodes in her face

I couldn't send it via text. Kept saying file was to large to send. Hope this works. Girl sets boyfriend's Jeep on fire (apparently cheating) & it explodes i...

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