Following the launch of Daisy Jones & the Six, 70s-inspired interiors are seeing a massive comeback with a 150% increase in searches for “70s interior design trends”.

Furthermore, 70s-core is also seeing a spike in interest on TikTok with the hashtags #70sdecor and #70sinterior amassing 19.9m and 2.6m views accordingly.

With this in mind, the interior experts at Tapi have shared their tips on ways to achieve the 70s look.

  • 1. Choose an orange colour scheme

    The one thing we all know about the 70s was the absolute love for anything bright orange. To take a more modern take on the 70s orange, you may want to opt for more of an orange with a brown undertone, such as terracotta or ochre.

    You can simply add these colors throughout your home by mixing up your soft furnishings like cushion covers and blankets or by adding home accessories like vases, candles, and wall art.

    Other colors that then pair well with the muted and brown-based oranges are faded blues, dusky pinks, and pastel greens.

  • 2. Dress up your floors


    Image Credit: Tapi Carpets & Floors

    Patterned or dark wood flooring is another way to achieve the 70s aesthetic. These choices are great for adding the bold patterns and textures that were commonly used across interiors throughout this decade.

    Wood-effect vinyl is a cost-effective and durable option to achieve the look of the era if you are wanting to change the floors in your home.

    You can also look to dress your floors up to add further textures to your home using rugs. Natural textured rugs, such as jute, are a simple way to spruce up your floors, or alternatively, if you’re looking for something with more pattern, go for geometric designs that incorporate those orange tones.

    This is also an easy way to update your floors if you’re in a rented home, or on a budget, and don’t have the option of getting brand-new floors.

  • 3. Go bold with 70s patterns


    Image credit: Tapi Carpets & Floors | Instagram user: @we_are_getting_there

    The 70s knew how to rock a bold pattern, and as we’ve all seen in Daisy Jones & the Six, they were a massive part of fashion and interiors, from your big floral patterns to more geometric designs. These classic 70s patterns are an easy way to achieve the decade’s aesthetic.

    To tie these patterns into the style of your home, you could opt for a feature wall by choosing a 70s-inspired wallpaper (which can be a renter-friendly option if you go for removable wallpaper), or by simply updating your bedding to one of these bold, bright patterns.

  • 4. Mix up textures and fabrics in your furnishings

    Rattan, dark woods, linen and velvet are just some of the textures and fabrics that are good to bring into your home to give it that 70s Hollywood feel and can also help to bring your room to life.

    You can add these touches of textures and fabrics by upcycling furniture you already have, try using the wood-effect vinyl wrap to give some of your larger furniture pieces a new lease of life, or simply add scatters of textures through your home with the choice of fabric you go for with rugs, blankets, and cushion covers.

  • 5. Houseplants are a must


    Image credit: Tapi Carpets & Floors | Instagram user: @Lauracoxhome

    Houseplants really rose in popularity in the 70s and were another key feature of interior décor through the era. Some of the best types to add to your home are spider plants, ferns, pothos, and snake plants.

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