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Foreigner’s Original Lead Singer Says He is Glad the Band is Ending

I remember thinking I was so cool owning Foreigner and Journey albums. ( Yes, the vinyl circle that contains grooves with a slight hole in the middle.) Juke Box Hero is a song I will never get tired of.  I also could not stop singing Cold as Ice when that song was a hit! Songs like I Want to Know What Love is are just classics to keep in your music library. Foreigner's original lead singer, Lou Gramm, says he is glad the band is ending with a farewell tour.  I remember being sad when I heard of Lou Gramm's retirement.  Lou Gramm is probably the best singer Foreigner will ever have.  But Kelly Hansen has done an excellent job in helping people cope with Lou not being in the band anymore. To prove that, when live in concert, the fans keep showing up to see Foreigner. Blabbermouth quotes Lou as saying,   "I think it's a good thing. At this point of the Foreigner career, epic career, I think it's run its course. And it's been good years for all involved, especially the band that was Foreigner's inception. There were changes in personnel after that while I was still in, and that was a good band too. And Mick's [Jones, Foreigner founder and guitarist] choice to keep it going after there were no original members other than himself, that's his option. I can't quite get… I know his health, he's had his ups and downs. And I don't understand how they can be touring with no original members and still calling themselves Foreigner and going on for years like that. I guess it's not my business, and maybe it is a business decision for them, but it just doesn't feel right to me."