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Creators of Narco Say The Song Belongs To Edwin Diaz

Baseball fans have noticed that Edwin Diaz has taken the world by storm with his walk out song, "Narco" By Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet. When he walks out of the bullpen and those trumpets start to sound, Mets fans start to go crazy because they know their guy is entering the game. Edwin Diaz has taken the baseball world by storm with his now iconic entrance to the Citi Field mound. There's just one problem, he's not the only MLB players to use the song during a game. The All-Star catcher/designated hitter for the Atlanta Braves William Contreras uses the popular song when he walks up to the plate as well. They even play the song if Contreras hits a home run during a home game. When the Mets recently visited the Braves for a four game series in August, Contreras hit a home run and the trumpets started to blast and baseball fans around the world were not happy about it. This started the debate between fan bases, the Braves fans vs the rest of baseball. While Atlanta fans are confident that the song belongs to Contreras, the rest of baseball is not in agreement. But whos opinion really matters? I would have to say the creators of the song, Blasterjaxx. In a recent interview, they stated that they think only Diaz should be able to use the song. I mean the New York Mets even had Timmy Trumpet perform the song live against the Dodgers.

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