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GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - FEBRUARY 19: Trevor Bauer #27 poses during Cincinnati Reds Photo Day on February 19, 2020 in Goodyear, Arizona. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

New Yorkers…We’re loud & obnoxious, but it’s something we pride ourselves on. To make it in The Big Apple, you can’t be scared to speak your mind. This is why Trevor Bauer needs to spend the rest of his career in NYC. If you’ve watched him play, you know Bauer could care less about your feelings. He not only plays with attitude, he brings personality to a sport which could use more spunk.

Trevor Bauer is the guy you love if he’s on your side, but wish he never existed if he wasn’t. Why? Because he doesn’t care if you’re Mike Trout, Aaron Judge or some Single-A nobody. If he wins the at-bat against you, he’ll let you know that he’s better. He’ll walk around the mound like Vince McMahon, crack open an imaginary beer and even tell you to go back to the dug out after he strikes you out. He’ll do anything he can think of, to make you look like a fool. Some may thinks it’s rude, but I’m all for it!


Now that he started his free agency journey, he decided to take his antics to Twitter & we’re loving every minute of it. He’s tweeting at certain fanbases and having them tell him why he should go to their favorite team. Some fans, of course, are saying, “We don’t need you” or “You suck, stay a Red,” but let’s be honest…EVERY TEAM SHOULD WANT BAUER!

Personally, I’m ready for my team to be the bad guys. I want Trevor Bauer to make everyone hate The Mets. So Mr. Bauer, lets do this thing! Come to Queens big dog!