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Today is Go Red for Women Day, and I am staying late to finish my week with a photo with all my coworkers as we all wear red for the day to bring awareness.

For me, it is a day of special significance, as it is also my second Go Red day with a pacemaker keeping my heart beating at 60 BPM.

I was diagnosed with bradycardia–a slow heartbeat–a couple of years ago, when it was roughly 48 beats per minute on average.   I needed a pacemaker installed when I would go to 30 beats per minute and under, and would get symptoms associated with a very slow heart rate.

Imagine your heart only beating once every two seconds…or less!

I have a family history of heart disease and my cardiologist took that into account, plus all of the testing and symptoms, and installed my pacemaker in March of 2018.  I noticed an immediate change when I woke up.  I could even think more clearly, had so much more energy, and feel like a kid.  It changed my life for the better.  People have a hard time keeping up with me now! I have more energy, do more activities, and honestly feel YOUNGER.  I can’t imagine going back to the days when I seemed to go through life in a fog from lack of oxygen!

On this Go Red for Women Day, I encourage you to talk with your doctor about any symptoms you have.  Exercise–walking just 30 minutes a day will do it–maintain healthy eating habits that will improve your life and lower your risk for heart attack, heart disease and stroke.  I made the changes, got the help I needed, and I encourage you to do the same!  Good health to you!