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This is great news!

How does increased revenue, less stress, less burnout, better physical health, better mental health, less quitting, less absenteeism, less fatigue, more exercise, and an all-around feeling of happiness sound?

According to CBS News, all of this was found to be the result of the world’s largest trial of a 4-day work week or 3-day weekend. Of the 61 companies who participated in the trial conducted in the United Kingdom only three didn’t continue with the 4-day work week, and it had to do mainly with things like not being able to accomplish the work reorganization.

However, 58 out of 61 is a pretty good success rate. As a matter of fact, it’s better than good, at more than 90%, it’s fantastic!

Needless to say that this can’t be something that will work for all jobs and companies, but it does and will work for the majority of them.

I think this could spread throughout the country rather quickly when the majority of employers realize what an asset this can be to their company.

It’s like when the pandemic helped many realize that not only do we have the ability to work from home efficiently, but in many cases, it’s better for all involved. Happier employees have proven to lead to higher profits and lower turnover.

“For some workers, the end of the test period marked a point of no return: 15% said they wouldn’t accept a five-day schedule again, no matter how high the salary.”

So, when will this awesome idea come to the United States? Based on the success of this trial, the plan is to start testing this in America and Canada in the very near future.

The only thing that may slow it down is when it’s time to enact legislation which is known to take time. Many politicians are in favor of the plan including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is very vocal about shortening the workweek. He thinks it’s “time for workers to reap the benefits of technological advances that allow them to perform more efficiently.”

If you’re like me and work in a job where five days are necessary, don’t think that you’ll be short-changed. Jobs like ours can benefit in other ways like shorter days or a lighter workload.

I’m very excited to see where this goes and where we’ll be in five or ten years.

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