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Those in the food industry have it rough. Speaking of experience it seems consumers like to mess with fast-food employees the most. Well, one TikTok user by the name of @bandzgocrazzy took it a bit too far when he ordered 200 McNuggets from a McDonald’s Drive Thru, but he had no intention to pay.

In the video that has since been removed from his channel, he makes a large order of fries, tartar sauce, and finally 200 nuggets.

With the total hitting upwards of $80 he pulls up to the window to pay, except there’s an issue as the user claims that the passenger who he was supposedly getting the nuggets for.

Doesn’t want them anymore much to the shock and disbelief of the employees at the window. One even says she’s quitting and walks off. Most likely any nuggets that were made are going to be thrown away, but to add insult to injury the “prankster” wasn’t done.

After getting his new edited order, he looked and the bag and noticed they had forgotten to give him his precious tartar sauce. So when he asked for it the employee shot him a glare closed the window and walked away.

I’m not sure why he thought this was a good idea or why he would then post it as if the internet would rejoice at his comedic wastefulness.

But one thing I know for sure is that you should treat people with respect and that especially includes those in the food industry, do they always get it right no, they’re only human. But that doesn’t mean you should make an unrealistic order and then not have to pay for it.

New Jersey Ranks In Top 5 Of The Best Bagels In The U.S.

If you’ve ever tried a New Jersey bagel, you know that wherever you go next it won’t be the same. The people at Lawn Love, too, agree that New Jersey is deserving of some bagel praise. The experts over at the landscaping blog site ranked a Garden State city at No. 5 for the best bagels in the United States. The site ranked 200 cities across the U.S. and ranked them in regard to access, quality, and popularity.

Key Metrics:

Bagel Vendors per Square Mile = 5 (Best Value/Weight)

Share of Highly-Rated (4.5+ Stars) Bagel Vendors (With 10+ Reviews Each) = 2 (Best Value/Weight)
Average Consumer Rating (Out of 5 Stars) for Bagel Vendors = 3 (Best Value/Weight)
Average Number of Reviews per Bagel Vendor = 1 (Best Value/Weight)

Average Monthly Google Searches for Bagel Keywords Over Past Year = 1 (Best Value/Weight)
Hosts Bagels & Bites Festival (1 = Yes, 0 = No) = 2 (Best Value/Weight)

To be specific, Jersey City is what held the Garden State down in the ratings coming in at the No. 5 spot. Jersey City had an access rating of 15, a quality rating of 100, and a popularity ranking of 36 which averaged out to an overall score of 43.56. Jersey City wasn’t the only New Jersey city to make the list. Out of the 200 U.S. cities ranked, Paterson came in at 182 with an overall score of 8.60. Paterson had an access rank of 53, a quality rank of 183, and a popularity rank of 80.

Take a look at which states ranked over New Jersey below:

  • 4. Orlando, FL

    Visit Orlando | Hotels, Restaurants, Things to Do & Vacation Guide

    Whether you're a theme park enthusiast, bird watcher, foodie, water sports fanatic, sun worshipper, arts patron, serious shopper or anything in between, you're always welcome here. The possibilities are endless. And wonder is always within reach. It's the getaway you deserve - and you'll only find it in Orlando.

    Bagel Score Card:
    Access: 15
    Quality: 41
    Popularity: 16
    Overall Score: 47.56

  • 3. Boston, MA

    Visit Boston

    Let us help you plan your vacation or meeting and discover everything Boston MA has to offer. From restaurants to things to do, get the most from your trip!

    Bagel Score Card:
    Access: 4
    Quality: 53
    Popularity: 9
    Overall Score: 56.76

  • 2. San Francisco, CA

    San Francisco Travel | Official Visitor Information

    Brighten your fall and winter calendar with art, movies, and music in and around the Bay. From the California Academy of Sciences after dark to new productions hitting the stage, here are our top end-of-year art picks.

    Bagel Score Card:
    Access: 1
    Quality: 75
    Popularity: 4
    Overall Score: 69.75

  • 1. New York, NY

    NYC: The Official Guide

    NYC Local Legends There's no better way to see New York City than through the eyes of a local. In our NYC Local Legends video series, notable New Yorkers share their perspectives on some of the five boroughs' most vibrant and culturally rich neighborhoods.

    Bagel Score Card:
    Access: 3
    Quality: 22
    Popularity: 1
    Overall Score: 71.23

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