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LONDON - APRIL 29: A young man plays Grand Theft Auto IV on the game's day of release on April 29, 2008 in London, England. The game designed for the Playstation 3 was in high demand and sold out in stores across London during its first day of sale. (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

Big news from Rockstar as we’ve received more information regarding their active development of GTA VI. On top of that we may have been given potential story elements and how long the game may end up being. Though as a quick recap, this all started when Rockstar Games, the developer behind the Grand Theft Auto Franchise tweeted last month about their active development of GTA VI. 

Their most recent game GTA V was released almost ten years ago and still is one of the most popular games to stream, watch and play across all of its platforms. With it even getting a next generation release this month. 

However, according to sources GTA VI may end up being Rockstars most ambitious one yet being located in most of the previous locations such as Liberty City, Vice City, San Adresas, etc. Even a possible new location in Europe. If it all pans out it would make these latest instalments one of if not the largest games the company has ever created. 

Fans are certainly excited as they’ve been waiting for a new game to be announced but now tensions are high between them as a game this large could take years to make. Reports indicate the teams at Rockstar have been working on some aspects as early as 2015. However, these are all rumors and nothing has yet to be confirmed by Rockstars official account. 

With a game this large even its run time may end up making a record as one of the longest run times. Rumors state it may be over 500+ hours to 100% the game. That would make it longer than well-known games like Animal Crossing which has over 300 hours of gameplay. 

Until we get official confirmation from Rockstar Games all of this is just speculation, but what Rockstar is talking about is as earlier stated GTA V coming to next gen consoles. Which has some fans upset feeling that Rockstar should focus on remakes or sequels to older titles instead of rehashing GTA V again. What do you think about all this news? Join in on the discussion by letting us know what you would want to see in a new Grand Theft Auto Installment, as well as when you think it should be released by? Until then keep up with us as we bring you all your latest news. 

Here Are the 20 Most Common Passwords Leaked on the Dark Web - Change Yours Now!

  • These are the 20 most common passwords leaked on the dark web

    The list is via mobile security firm Lookout.

  • 1. 123456

    This is literally the easiest password ever. Do people really use this?

  • 2. 123456789

    Taking the easiest password and adding a few more if that makes it any more difficult to figure out!

  • 3. Qwerty

    This one caught me by surprise. Why is this such a popular password choice?

  • 4. Password

    You have to be kidding me.

  • 5. 12345

    Another super easy one.

  • 6. 12345678

    Notice how so many of these are just variations of 12345?

  • 7. 111111

    I can’t imagine anyone using this as their password, but it’s apparently very popular.

  • 8. 1234567

    Another variation of 12345.

  • 9. 123123

    At least this one switches up the number order a little. But still!

  • 10. Qwerty123

    Now we’re getting complicated. Not, really.

  • 11. 1q2w3e

    This actually doesn’t look like a super easy password to me, but it’s obviously based off the keyboard, so I can see why it’s easy to crack.

  • 12. 1234567890

    One more based on 12345.

  • 13. DEFAULT


  • 14. 0

    You cannot be serious. Don’t most password systems prevent a password like this, anyway?

  • 15. Abc123

    Are we in grade school?

  • 16. 654321


  • 17. 123321

    Another super easy one.

  • 18. Qwertyuiop

    Probably the most complicated on on here.

  • 19. Iloveyou

    Very sweet- but not a good password.

  • 20. 666666

    All you kids who think it’s cool to use “666” for anything won’t think it’s too cool when you get hacked!