Have You Seen This?

SAN RAFAEL, CA - OCTOBER 30: A bucket of KFC Extra Crispy fried chicken is displayed October 30, 2006 in San Rafael, California. KFC is phasing out trans fats and plans to use zero trans fat soybean oil for cooking of their Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken as well as other menu items. KFC expects to have all of its 5,500 restaurants in the U.S. switched to the new oil by April 2007. (Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Who would ever think that a well-known chicken empire could transition in the fashion industry?

Needless to say, 2017 is continuing to shock us. Recently, KFC announced their new line of merchandise. Believe it or not, the items are actually pretty adorable and could be worn on a daily basis.

Some of the items that will soon be available to chicken fans everywhere include “apparel, pins, home goods, and one very creepy Colonel Sanders pillowcase” says Teen Vogue. Just like their food, the items are reasonably priced. In KFC’s press release, they noted that each of these items will start at just $8.

One item, which we find absolutely adorable and fits in with the 70’s clothing revival, is a yellow crew new sweatshirt. On the front, the top reads “FRIED CHICKEN USA”. What more could you want from a piece of apparel? One could only hope that the sweatshirt also smells ever so slightly like a piece of fried chicken.

Another item that Bustle believes Gigi Hadid can sport is a gold script necklace that reads “Finger Lickin’ Good”. How the way the necklace is designed, you would not even know that it is a necklace from KFC.

Granted, there are a few items that are at a higher price tag. If you are looking for framed artwork that features vintage KFC photographs, which will cost you $80. According to the press release, there is also a “400-year-old meteorite” that is retailing for $20,000 and is in the shape of a Zinger chicken sandwich.

If you are curious about purchasing an item from the collection, you better make your decision quick! Many of the items are already sold out.

Steve Kelly, the KFC U.S. director of media and digital stated the reason for this collection is because; “KFC and Colonel Sanders have been American pop culture icons for more than 70 years. Our fans were craving a way to embrace the fried chicken lifestyle, and KFC Ltd. Gives them the opportunity to let their colonel flag fly.”

We would definitely be proud to wear any of these items!


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