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Maryann Morgan





Maryann is a born and raised Jersey girl! This isn’t Maryann’s first go-round at Magic. You might remember her from the early 90’s with an evening call-in, love and dedication show called “Early 90’s Evening Call-in, Love and Dedication Show,” actually, it didn’t have a name. Mornings is a bit of a time change for Maryann, and she’s finally on a show with a name! She’s got Entertainment Updates at 6:10 and 8:10, all the gossip (Maryann loves gossip), a weekly fitness blog, and helps get you moving every morning with her high energy.

Maryann has been addicted to fitness and exercise from a very young age. She’s always had a heavy bag and gloves in her house because her Dad was a Golden Glove Boxing Champion (her husband Matt is the only guy that she dated who her Dad didn’t knock out). Running is something Maryann does often and it’s not only because she’s wanted by the law. She says it makes her feel alive!  In fact, if she didn’t run, she may not have gotten married. When she and her husband were dating, they went for a run and Matt asked her to stop because he had a rock in his shoe…and he did, it was an engagement ring!  And today they have a son Zack who travels the world pursuing a career in Marine Transportation.

Disclaimer: Magic 98.3 is not responsible for Maryann’s lack of verbal control of having anything and everything spew from mouth at 90 mph!