St. Patrick’s Day

New Jersey in Top 10 of Best States for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

New research has revealed the best states to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, with New Jersey landing in the number nine spot. St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations are a big deal in our house. My wife, Kathleen, comes from an Irish Catholic family and we celebrate like true Irish folks. Corned beef and cabbage, a visit from the leprechaun, to the parade, and some Irish dancing make the day complete. [caption id="attachment_870788" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Leprechaun trap made by a little girl Credit: K. Donahue[/caption] On St. Patrick’s Day, many Americans will be looking for the best way to enjoy the holiday in New Jersey. However, a new study by Chummy Tees says that eight other states celebrate the day better. A “St. Patrick’s Day chart" was created that ranks the best and worst states to celebrate this year. They analyzed the quantity, affordability, and popularity of the day's events listed on Eventbrite for the weekend of between March 16th and 17th. They also used Google Keyword Planner to find the number of St. Patrick’s Day-related searches made each month and factored those results. Based on all of the data gathered, each state was then given a maximum score out of 100. [caption id="attachment_870791" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Leprechaun trap made by a little boy Credit: K. Donahue[/caption] Jersey Ranking New Jersey is ninth on the list of the best states to celebrate. Jersey’s total index score is 55.81 out of 100. We had the 18th-highest number of events with 26, and the 14th-highest search popularity, with 196 searches per 100,000 people. Our Keystone Neighbor's In third was Pennsylvania with an index score of 68.29. They had the sixth-highest number of events, at 60, and had the fourth-highest search interest which generated over 200 searches. St. Patrick’s Day events had an average ticket price of $6.89, and each event had 81 followers per 100,000. The Big Apple Ranking fourth was New York which scored 65.45. The Empire State had the second-highest number of St. Patrick’s Day events at 144 and ranked fifth for the Google search metric with 214. Top of the St. Patrick’s Day List Massachusetts was identified as the best state to celebrate, with a total index score of 75.27. The state had the seventh-highest number of events in total at 48, and the highest Google search with an average of 245. Tickets started at about $10, and each event organizer averaged 135 followers for every 100,000. Wherever you celebrate, have fun and be safe. Sláinte! [select-listicle listicle_id="726999" syndication_name="where-to-celebrate-st-patricks-day-in-middlesex" description="yes"]

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