6:45am Keep the Kids Occupied Prize Pack

Each weekday at 6:45am with Joel and Maryann in the morning give the correct answer to the daily impossible question at 6:45am to win the “Keep the Kids Occupied” prize pack. Included in this pack is the Watchitude wireless speaker and Maxell headset, Crazy Aaron’s Land of Dough, Telestrations board game, Albanese gummi worms and Toxic Waste Candy and a Hachette book package. All winners of the prize pack will have a chance to win the grand prize, a radio flyer glider pro.   The first prize in the pack is the Watchitude wireless speaker which comes in limited-edition rainbow tie-dye and deep space designs. It has impressive sound with Bluetooth 5.0 and it’s portable and rechargeable. The Maxell earbuds are great for back to school and working from home. Perfect for conference calls, watching videos and listening to music. For those that value high quality this is the perfect product for you.   Crazy Aaron’s Land of Dough is all-natural play dough that soft, scented, has calming essential oils and sparkling glitter.   Telestrations is the No.1 board game for laughter and fun with both family and friends. This game is the visual version of the classic game “telephone”. In this game you draw what you see, then guess what you saw to reveal the outcome.   The Hachette books package comes with Rainsford Stauffer’s All the Gold Stars and this book provides solutions to the nationwide burnout epidemic. The other book is by Ana Homayoun’s Erasing the Finish Line and this book reveals new strategies for students to succeed beyond grades and college admissions.    The grand prize is the Radio Flyer Glider Pro, this 3-wheel scooter is built with Radio Flyer’s lean-to-steer technology making it easy to glide and guide the scooter.   This is the perfect prize pack for any kid and will keep them occupied. Speaking of keeping them occupied, Halloween is just around the corner! Don't have a costume? No worries Click Here for a list of costumes even your kids will love!

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