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Those might not be the exact lyrics in the popular country song, but hey, we’re trying to keep it PG here! Since we’re getting ready to hook you up with a summer stay at the Magic 98.3 Shore House starting on Monday, 5/21, we’re all dishing on what we love about the Jersey Shore!

When it comes to summertime in Jersey, I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be! It has always been one of my favorite places to relax and unwind, either with friends or just by myself for a quiet day of reading and watching the waves roll up on the shore.

From Point Pleasant to Island Beach State Park to Wildwood Crest and everywhere in between, what I really love about that Jersey Shore is that there’s something for everyone. If you want the boardwalk, some arcade games and some funnel cake and custard (yum!), there’s a place for you. But, if you just want to hang out and enjoy the solitude of your sandy paradise, you can do that, too.

When I was younger, my parents would always take me to Point Pleasant. We’d build sand castles, sit under the umbrella, go swimming in the ocean… (I always remember trying to swim further out than I was allowed – I’d always say, “I’m going to Italy!” and my mom would always say, “Oh no you’re not!” and pull me back!)

As I got older, I started to explore a bit more. One of my favorite spots to check out along the Jersey Shore is the tiki bar in Point Pleasant. It’s everything you want in a day at the beach. You can hang down by the water with a drink in hand, grab a table upstairs and get some snacks and fried seafood and watch live music once the sun goes down. I remember even heading there with Debbie and her husband Gerard one day!

I already have one trip planned down to Wildwood later this summer for a corn hole tournament (no, I’m not playing – my history is embarrassingly terrible), and I’m sure I’ll hit the northern beaches before you know it! Now that I’m talking about it, I’m already itching to go.

Hey, if you see me there, stop by and say hi. Maybe I’ll give you a piece of my funnel cake! (But don’t be expecting a sip of my cocktail. 🙂 )