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Winter is the time of year that some people can’t wait for, the only thing I can’t wait for is Spring! All the damp and dreary weather here in the Garden State might be putting a damper on those chill vibes you worked so hard for. Well don’t sweat it we got you covered.

The team over at AIA put together some of the best mood improving activities to help you get back into those good vibrations, turns out when the chips are down taking time to chill and focus on you is just what the doctor ordered? Who would have thought? Well at the top of their list is making a gratitude journal and cataloging all the big and small things you’re thankful for.

Having fun in the sun during one of my walks!

You also have fun and quick activities like going for a fifteen minute walk or cooking yourself a meal that will brighten your mood. You know we also have to give a shoutout to our friends both human and furry as being close to those you care about can greatly improve ones mood as well as cuddling your pet companion, unless they’re a fish then maybe you can just chill poolside.

According to AIA you can also improve your mood while helping others wheatear that be volunteering or seeing someone in need while out and about. Though of course there’s always the classic hobbies that have proven to relief stress, the best part is there is no one answer there are all sorts of hobbies big and small and each can improve your mood.

Top 10 Toys We’ve Saved Since Childhood

Do you ever play with your old toys? Some folks have them stored in the attic, some have them on display in their home or office, and some simply gave them away or passed them on to their children.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hold on to my favorite childhood toys. G.I. Joe, gone, Evil Knievel doll, I mean “action figure,” gone, Superman action figure, gone. I do have a few board games that I’ve held onto through the years, Stratego, Battleship, and my old chess set. My kids have some of the toys I had like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Mr. Potato Head, and Rubik’s Cube to name a few.
According to the United Kingdom’s Express, the latter has found its way into a new survey by Busy Bee about toys that adults have held onto since their childhood.

However, Rubik’s Cube is number nine on the list. The survey included two thousand participants who have held onto an average of twenty toys with about two-thirds of them planning to pass them on to their kids or grandkids. The survey also found that those who keep their toys take very good care of them. Almost 80% like to clean them regularly and it gives them a happy feeling as they reminisce about their younger days. More than half hope to sell them and make some money, while less than 50% say they’ll never sell.

Here are the top 10 that made the list…

  • Barbie Doll

  • LEGO

  • Hot Wheels

  • G.I. Joe

  • Suzy Homemaker

  • Fisher Price Telephone

  • Lite-Brite

  • Slinky

  • Rubik's Cube

  • Nerf Ball