(Photo illustration by NASA via Getty Images)

Ingenuity, NASA’s little helicopter that could, has been working on Mars with the Perseverance rover since 2020.

It was not able to communicate with the agency to receive instructions after a low-power event on May 3.  NASA halted the Perseverance rover’s scientific operations to listen for and locate the Ingenuity helicopter.  It did come online the next day with a reported battery charge of 41%.  However, winter is coming to where Ingenuity is no Mars and it could make things difficult going forward.

Some are worried this could mean that Ingenuity’s mission, which has led to many more flights than originally anticipated, might be coming to an end. Mars exploration fans are sad about the possibility.

Others are optimistic that NASA will try to keep it going as much as possible and even offered possible fixes to keep the solar panels clear.