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Talk show host Wendy Williams recently accused her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter of banning singer and actor Tyrese from The Wendy Williams Show for “flirting” with her.

On Wednesday (Oct. 23), Williams sat down with Tyrese for the time in several years and following the interview she dished on Hunter’s accusations, as People reports.

“He hasn’t been here in three or four years, right,” Williams said. “I’m like, ‘Where have you been?’ He goes, ‘Your husband banned me because he thought I was flirting with you.’”

The audience gasped at the revelation, and Williams then looked directly into the camera.

“Are you serious, Kevin?” Williams said three times. Hunter was previously an executive producer on the talk show.

“Attention, Wendy staff, new rules!” Williams asserted while banging on her table. “It’s a new day.”

“Suzanne, can you believe that?” Williams asked one of her producers. “No, I mean I don’t know anything about that,” they responded.

Williams then apologized for veering off-topic. “He thought I was flirting? Get outta here with that! Who are you flirting with?” Williams asked.

Back in April, Williams confirmed that she was divorcing Hunter following 20 years of marriage. Hunter was also fired from the show as executive producer.


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