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Marvel's Iron Fist / Netflix

By now, if you’re a huge Marvel fan, especially of the Netflix Originals, you’ll by now have pummeled through The Defenders. 


Now, I will admit, I had no previous knowledge of Iron Fist, it’s story prior to watching both the Netflix Iron Fist, and The Defenders. After watching both of these adaptations, I have to say that Danny Rand has to be the WORST Iron Fist ever. At least, in these adaptations.


Comic Vs. Show

First things first – though most of the movies and shows don’t follow things letter for letter when it comes to Marvel, I was surprised to see that the Comic for Iron Fist, along with his backstory, are pretty different than what you see on the show.

Examples include that Harold Meachum basically lets Wendell Rand fall off a cliff and that Meachum was in love with Danny’s Mom. Wendell Rand knew about K’un-Lun, and Heather, Danny’s Mom, protected him from a wolf pack and sacrificed herself. Oh, and Harold Meachum was crippled from Frostbite. (Marvel Universe Wiki)

In the show, Meachum was not anywhere near K’un-Lun, and Wendell and Heather Rand died from a sabotaged plane crash, which Danny later learns was due to The Hand. Meachum didn’t even know that Danny was still alive, let alone, nobody knew Meachum was still alive, as he was hiding as a captive/player in The Hand.

Colleen Wing Vs. Misty Knight

Iron Fist, in the comic book, becomes Misty Knight’s lover. You know, the same Misty Knight that was interested in Luke Cage. The same Misty who lost a giant piece of herself trying to protect Claire?  At least in the light research, there’s no mention of Danny Rand hooking up with Colleen Wing in the romantic sense, as they depict in the Marvel show.

Which honestly, even if – IF – Misty Knight decided to fall for Iron Fist in the shows, don’t you think that Danny Rand is too wimpy, childish, and self-centered for someone of the caliber of Misty Knight? Though I don’t know her demeanor from the comic books myself, it seems that the show’s version of Misty Knight would be way against something of that nature.


Danny Avenging His Parents Death

Danny’s obsession with The Hand and his parents’ death seems plausible to a degree, but riddle me this – If Danny was trained to master martial arts, and have tolerance to be the Iron Fist, why does he still act like a whiny 8-year-old boy? Marvel’s Netflix adaptation has Danny Rand acting like Arrow’s Oliver Queen – that “I have to do this alone” mentality, and Colleen submissively goes along with whatever Danny desires, while trying to protect him. Colleen has more of a character arc than Danny, and he’s supposed to be THE MAIN CHARACTER.


The Defenders Is Surrounding Danny Rand’s Story – So The Defenders Gets Annoying

In the comics, Danny Rand’s Iron Fist actually is part of The Defenders. Like, he’s one of the main ones after many shift changes between many characters (including Doctor Strange, who’s seriously way too powerful for ground level crime-fighting). So in theory, Danny would have done this before. Sadly, this is not the story we get when it comes to The Defenders. Instead of taking on the leadership, Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil is the leader of the pack, the voice of reason, and let’s face it – THE SMART ONE.

When I got through Iron Fist, it was a battle. I was literally struggling to watch this entitled kid in an adults body trying to fight The Hand, and so I had hoped for better when it came to The Defenders when enlisting Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. That there would be SOME REDEEMING character arc for Danny Rand. Sadly, it wasn’t, and it even comes to a point that they can’t reason with Danny so much that they have to tie him to a chair and knock him out to get him to go along with the plans.


So, basically the reason for explaining all of this: It’s not Iron Fist the character that is the failure. It’s the Netflix adaptation of Danny Rand that stinks. The comic seems to have a way-more-well-rounded story for Iron Fist. Considering that Netflix’s Marvel series are all signing on for more – Season 3 of Daredevil, and Season 2’s for Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist, let’s hope that Raven Metzner, who will take the role of showrunner for the second season will help create a better life for Danny Rand. Or at least, make him not-so-useless.



If Amy Cooper were a jelly doughnut, she would be a ‘Sarcasm-filled Doughnut.’

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