We all know that during the Holiday season Santa makes his way around the world, though it takes a lot of energy to travel to all the houses that celebrate Christmas. So what food is being left out for Santa? Well, it’s safe to say there’s one thing Santa won’t be and that’s hungry.

The tradition in my household was to always leave out a small tray of cookies and a glass of milk, not forgetting about his reindeer of course they got special reindeer food. However, what if I told you that Santa is having a feast of cookies on top of other exotic food items?

Well, you’ll never believe what some houses are leaving for Santa each year as YouTuber Matpat who runs Food Theory listed off some of the most interesting food products left out for Santa’s ride around the world.

  • Pineapple Chunks

    To start off our list we have to head to New Zealand where instead of cookies kids are leaving chunks of Pineapple out for Santa to help him the heat of the southern hemisphere.

  • Alcohol

    Now this is a shock and you should never drive Santa’s sleigh or any vehicle while under the influence, but New Zealand, Australia England, and Ireland all leave out some sort of alcoholic beverage for Santa whether it’s a pint of beer or something more like sherry. Something tells me Santa is seeing double.

  • Mince Pie

    I never took Santa for a pie person, but I suppose when you are that holly and jolly any treatment works. Our British and Irish neighbors are responsible for this quirky tradition, I suppose it’s a good thing Santa doesn’t attend any pie-eating contests here in the states because it wouldn’t even be a competition.

  • Clementine

    This is the tamest one on the list as Italy cuts Santa a break by just leaving out a single clementine instead of pasta and a glass of wine. Though still I’m trying to imagine a U.S. equivalent and I don’t think Santa would appreciate it if instead of milk and cookies or a pie, he got a banana.

  • Leaf bread

    You read that right folks, leaf bread is the rough translation for what homes in Iceland leave out for jolly Santa Claus, it seems to act similar to a vanilla wafer. Certainly the strangest item so far.

  • Coffee

    Now here’s something to put a little Christmas pep in Santa’s step, Swedish homes leave out a nice cup of coffee for Santa, but drinking that much caffeine can’t be in any way healthy.

  • Chilean Fruit Cake

    Last, but certainly not least is chili which goes above and beyond by leaving out an entire Chilean fruit cake for Santa Claus.

    Do you or your family leave out any of these interesting food items for Santa or do leave out something even wackier?

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