MIAMI, FL - JULY 23: A sign for a McDonald's restaurant sits in front of an American Flag July 23, 2012 in Miami, Florida. The company announced that 2nd quarter profit dropped 4.5 percent. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

For those who remember what it was like to get a happy meal when they were a kid will now be able to relive some of that childhood nostalgia as McDonald’s announced they are making a happy meal for adults.

They even come with toys of some characters from the 1998 show ‘The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald’ this happy meal dubbed the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box because of their partnership with streetwear company will offer consumers a choice of either a big mac or 10-piece nugget with fires and of course one of their four figurines.

The figurines include McDonald’s classic mascots, which include the Hamburglar, Grimace, and Birdie, and a new character named Cactus Buddy. This limited-time offer will be available in McDonald’s stores, drive-thru locations, by delivery, and on the McDonald’s app from Oct. 3 through Oct. 30.

While most people wouldn’t mind this play by Mcdonald’s, some think the design of the toys is creepy and have been taking full advantage of the toys’ weird design by making memes on the internet, but what do you think about this possible McHorror Story? Take a look at some posts we found and let us know.

  • I Need To Take A Rain Check For This Party.

    It is Halloween so I get wanting to be spooky, but to me, there is a way to go about it and I’m sorry but this isn’t it chief. Like maybe different costumes or like not giving them more eyes, but the Cactus buddy… There’s no redemption there.

  • McWHAT Am I Looking At?

    So, after some digging, for those who don’t know this is what used to be in McDonald’s playgrounds. Wow, that’s a blast from the past but maybe this one can stay buried, however, I will say this would make tag ten times more extreme.  

  • I’m Not Lovin It.

    If I saw these things in my dreams, I’d be looking for Freddy Kruger next. I want to be in the room where they looked at this and said yeah that’s good. 

  • Honestly, Best Thing Ever.

    I will say as a kid, doctors, and dentists were like rollercoaster visits for me, but on the bright side after we were done, it was time to hit up some fast food, which is retrospect 100% counterintuitive, but 1000% worth it. These adult happy meals though, keep the toy.

  • More Like Sad Meal

    Maybe cause I’m from the wrong generation, but the toys I grew up with weren’t this creepy either, but who am I to judge? Either way, I’m sure people will buy it, but I will continue to laugh at all the memes made about it. Who knows, maybe this was McDonald’s plan all along. 

  • I'll Take E None Of The Above

    Yeah, I would have a similar reaction, I can’t even imagine if I saw these as a mascot. That would be nightmare fuel right there.

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