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Major League Baseball’s Teams with the Best and Worst Concessions

The arrival of opening day for Major League Baseball’s 2024 season is upon us. Central Jersey and New Jersey in general is a unique place to be a sports fan. Most major sports markets have just one major sports home team to route for. When it comes to Major League Baseball In New Jersey, we have three, and none of them have the name “Jersey” on their jersey. Major Sports Are Unique in New Jersey Depending on where you live in the state, you are probably a New York Yankee, New York Met, or Philadelphia Phillie fan. These are the three teams I’ll focus on while discussing their respective park’s concessions. With that, there’s a tasty new study that takes a deep dive into which Major League ballparks offer the best concession options and value. In other words, where are baseball’s best ballparks to eat? Metrics for Ranking MLB Ballparks OntarioBets scored a homerun of study through the creation of the "MLB Concession Index." The “MLBCI” consists of four metrics. The first is “Concessions Per Square Foot.” This metric takes the number of concession stands in the stadium and then divides that number by the stadium's square footage. This shows how far you have to walk to find a concession stand. Then there’s “Concessions Per Stadium Capacity.” This looks at the number of concession stands in the stadium divided by the overall stadium capacity. The third factor is one that’s most talked about, and it examines the beer. There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day at a baseball game. However, they don’t consider the taste of the beer, but the “price of a beer.” What is a beer going to cost me at the ballpark? The short answer is “a lot.” Many ballparks in the league charge more for a single beer than it would cost you to buy a 12-pack or case of beer at a store. If you’re going to have a beer, you’ll probably want something to eat. The fourth factor taken into consideration is the average price of a hot dog. I’m a Phillies fan, and they took a step backward in this department for 2024. More on that in a moment. Mets, Yankees and Phillies Where did our “home teams” rank in the concession examination? The teams in the study were ranked from best to worst. According to the survey, the higher the number the better the ballpark concessions. The teams' ballparks were numbered from best to worst for concession availability and cost. The ranking’s highest score possible is a 10. The top score in the league was by the Seattle Mariners’ T-Mobile Park which earned an 8.74 and the number 1 rank. The highest rank of our three team’s parks was the New York Mets and Citi Field. The Amazins’ park made it into the top ten overall at number 10. Their score is 6.56 out of 10. The New York Yankees didn’t fare as well. There are 30 team parks considered in the study, and the Bronx Bombers landed in the 23rd spot. Their score is a failing grade of 5.17, if this was a school exam, they would have failed miserably. The Philadelphia Phillies scored much worse. The Phillies recently announced that their “Dollar Dog Nights” will not exist anymore. This was a fan favorite and could have possibly boosted their score. However, moving forward their hot dog special will be two for the price of one. The Phillies Citizens Bank Park's normal price for a hot dog is five dollars. Therefore, the “dollar dogs” are now the “two dollar and fifty cent dogs” at the doggy discount games. Even worse news is that the Phillies’ park scored 28th out of 30. It got a 3.72 out of 10. The only other two ballparks in the league to score lower were Boston and Oakland. Fenway Park and Oakland-Alameda County Stadium scored 3.58 and 1.62 respectively. Oakland plans to move to Las Vegas by 2025. Find the full study of all Major League ballparks here. Play ball! [select-listicle listicle_id="822593" syndication_name="12-of-the-most-unique-mlb-stadium-attractions" description="yes"]