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Hockey, Not Just on Ice

Yesterday brought me back to the days in Seaford Long Island, in the late 1970’s, thanks to an interview we conducted for Fox Sports New Jersey with Mr. Andrew Ferrance. NHL Street is a venture aimed at bringing hockey back to its roots, the way I remember playing it on streets and driveways, either on foot or on rollerblades. A Trip Down Memory Lane Do you remember those days? I will never forget them. We used to yell at the cars that went by, sometimes asking the cars to stop for a minute, so play could continue. How many cars did you hit with the errant shots on goal? Want to thank all our neighbors in Seaford, for not giving us crap for the ding in their cars or the occasional broken windows. Many would say that was a different time, and perhaps it was. But thanks to former NHL player Andrew Ferrance, who also happens to be part of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins, and is currently the Director of Social Impact Growth and Legislative Resources, the sport of hockey is being brought back to its roots for a new generation. RELATED: Devils Light Up New Jersey in Stadium Series Opener More on NHL Street With the help of RCX, Franklin Sports, and sponsors like Jersey Mike’s, Hyundai, and Tim Horton, street hockey is back. Under NHL Street the sport is played on Playgrounds, malls, outdoor courts, and, as was the case this past weekend, MetLife Stadium. Basically, wherever an outdoor rink could be set up, the game of street hockey is on. [caption id="attachment_116192" align="aligncenter" width="468"] NHL Street Showcased at the Stadium Series[/caption] Although It is in its infant stages, but thanks to the desire of neighborhoods across the United States and Canada there are over 65 leagues already and growing every day for kids ages 6-16 according to NHL Street. As Mr. Ferrance described, these leagues are not looking to develop future players; if that happens, great; the focus is to engender interest in the sport while creating new fans where hockey is not a mainstay. Louisiana, Utah, and Alabama are notable examples of states that have started these leagues, and the turnout has been amazing. If you have a desire for more information go to