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10 Wild Ice Cream Flavors to Try This Season

Summer is officially ice cream season, and July is National Ice Cream Month. Actually, every season is ice cream season, if you ask me. I seriously enjoy scoops of my favorite ice cream whether it's 90 degrees outside or freezing cold. When it comes to ice cream flavors, it's hard to beat the classics. Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate-chip and mint chocolate-chip are always favorites. But, why not switch it up and try some really wild ice cream flavors? As a graduate of Michigan State University, I've tried many random ice cream flavors at the MSU Dairy Store. MSU is an agricultural college, so it's known for the Dairy Store and having delicious ice cream. Honey Lavender and Spartan Swirl come to mind. But, enough about MSU. You don't have to come to Michigan to get some unique ice cream flavors. Read on for 10 wild ice cream flavors that you need to try. These flavors are all from major ice cream makers, so they should be fairly easy to find, no matter where you're located. I've also included some non-dairy and gluten-free ice cream options for vegans and those on a gluten-free diet. I'm not vegan, but my favorite ice cream currently is actually non-dairy. Hopefully, there's enough variety on this list for you to find your new favorite ice cream flavor. It's worth noting that some of these ice cream flavors are seasonal and only available in the summer. That said, the majority of the flavors below are currently available year-round.