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What Is New Jersey’s Favorite Sundae Choices?

No matter what time of year it is, I personally always love a good dessert and a nice sundae on a beautiful fall day, what could be better? Well, I’ll tell you what National Dessert Day! Which is celebrated annually on October 14th So the team over at Shane Co. took to the skies to find out what states like having in their sundaes.  Turns out that all states agree on something about time, am I right? Vanila was the top choice for flavor of sundaes across all states surveyed. Move over pumpkin spice it’s the classics time to shine in the limelight. However, what about toppings? Because everybody and their mother knows that no good sundae is finished without some whipped cream and your favorite topping. Well, it seems the masses agree, as all of the states surveyed agree to using whipped cream, but as for a favorite topping that’s where we start to disagree.  New Jersey itself picked crumbled Oreos as our choice topping for a sundae and by far, I think it’s the best choice, while the classic chocolate chip was second on our list and first on the list of other states, I just think that milks favorite cookie is a better choice to get that little crunch. The Garden State residents that were surveyed did choose to include the cherry on top as well as Rainbow Sprinkles. Gotta love the choice there, as Rainbow Sprinkles beat out regular chocolate ones. We also like Hot Fudge as our topping of choice according to the survey, but you couldn’t go wrong with any option.  Check out the full survey and how the team at Shane Co came to their conclusions by clicking here, but what are you planning on doing for national dessert day? Maybe sundaes will be off your itinerary, but make sure you stay up to date on all things New Jersey, right here with us at Magic.  [ss-signup design_id="2313056"] [select-listicle listicle_id="774721" syndication_name="this-is-the-most-popular-halloween-candy-in-new-jersey" description="yes"]

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