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The New Jersey Education Association is proud of the work our members do to make our public schools, and our communities, stronger for every child. That’s why the NJEA is a proud sponsor of the Teachers Who Make Magic Class of 2021 and is presenting the Community Spotlight Award.

The Community Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding Central Jersey Teachers, who shine in the classrooms, and in serving their communities.

NJEA is Proud to present the 2021 Community Spotlight Award to:


Math Teacher at Middlesex High School
Nominated by Vera Vitali, Fellow Teacher

This award goes Nadine Pietrowski, who teaches math at Middlesex High School! She’s been a teacher for over 25 years, and while math can be a difficult subject, her students are always engaged and understand everything that’s being presented, and that’s all due to Nadine’s tenacity for making learning math fun!

Within the school but outside the classroom, she’s been an advisor to the National Honor Society, Chess Club, Faculty Council, and is always eager to chaperone events. She is actively involved in the Middlesex Education Association and has held the position of building representative and secretary!

She recently organized a complimentary trip for local veterans to visit Washington DC, complete with meals and a welcome home salute with the help of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Welcome Home Committee! Nadine has also been involved with the Girl Scouts, and was named Dedicated Leader due to her former troop receiving the highest honor of the “Gold Award!”

As a member of the “100th Anniversary of Middlesex Borough Committee,” Nadine organized the Applebee’s Breakfast fundraiser, Logo Contest, and assisted at the other committee events such as the parade and celebration in the park!

Nadine is also an active participant in the Middlesex Elks lodge, and through a partnership with her daughter established a “Buddy Ball” recreational sports program for Special Needs Children!

25 years is a long time to be a teacher and active participant in community affairs, and Nadine Pietrowski greets every day with the same enthusiasm she had from day one. This is why she’s now the winner of the the NJEA Community Spotlight award!

Join Magic 98.3 and the New Jersey Education Association in celebrating the critical role teachers and school employees play in their classrooms and in our communities.