The New Jersey Education Association is proud of the work our members do to make our public schools, and our communities, stronger for every child. That’s why the NJEA is a proud sponsor of the Teachers Who Make Magic Class of 2020 and is presenting the Community Spotlight Award.

The Community Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding Central Jersey Teachers, who shine in the classrooms, and in serving their communities.

NJEA is Proud to present the 2020 Community Spotlight Award to:


Special Education teacher at Franklin Park School
Nominated by Purvi Shah, Principal

Tracy Molinari is a special education teacher at Franklin Park School who has been teaching for over 22 years! She has a positive attitude and energetic approach to all she does. She has a way of making lessons fun and engaging, while also “lifting” the level of learning for her students by setting high expectations.

She’s famous for her passion of all things Social Studies, coordinating ways for students to connect to the community by encouraging them to be “active citizens” through outreach projects, including our Annual Food Drive for the Franklin Food Bank, Candy for Troops and Halloween Costume Drive for FPS students. Tracy utilizes teaching methods to actively engage students in role play and movement. She brings history to life with her famous reenactments of the Revolutionary War and important moments in American History.

Tracy is the grade level liaison for her grade 3 team and communicates to administration on their behalf. In this capacity, she’s also organized field trips and assemblies to enrich the experiences of grade 3 students. She works tirelessly so that students love coming to school and can garner new experiences. She’s a leader and trusted colleague, and someone who’s greatly respected in the school community. For all these reasons and more, Tracy Molinari is a “Teacher Who Makes Magic!”

To nominate a teacher, an educational service professional, or to learn more about the Teachers Who Make Magic Program,  contact your local school superintendent or CLICK HERE 
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