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Must Haves

Must Haves

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The Sandlot is one of those movies that you could watch over and over again and it’s still just as great as that first time you saw it. 30 years ago, The Sandlot premiered on the big screen. The film has had several sequels and there was even talk of the original stars coming back to do a TV series on Disney+. 

The film focuses not only on “America’s Past Time,” but the joys of being a kid. And that feeling of spending summer days doing something with your friends. This movie never fails to get me pumped up for summer, and so while I write this list I’ve put the movie on in the background. Here are 9 items inspired by The Sandlot that you’d absolutely put your PF flyers on and jump over the fence to rescue it from The Beast.

  • 1) L7 Weenie Shirt

    Squints had no business calling anyone a weenie, but that was the beauty of The Sandlot. It just made you laugh because these kids were just as uncool as Smalls. Also, what a great way to call someone a square!

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  • 2) The Great Ham-bino Poster

    Probably one of the best points in the movie. Not only do you get this hilarious gag where Ham points into the outfield like the Great Babe Ruth, but you also get the start of the origin of the Beast.

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  • 3) Forevvveeerrrr Poster

    Come on, you knew this was coming. I swear my mom will quote this on a regular basis, and let’s be fair I’m sure a lot of other folks do too. I love this scene though, it really just gives you that feeling of being a kid and the urban legends you would tell each other about the town.

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  • 4) Wendy Peffercorn Costume

    Okay, ladies, if you want to make your man fawn all over you for a night, the Wendy Peffercorn costume is the way to go. Squints pulled off one of the craziest stunts to get Wendy, but it somehow worked.

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  • 5) You’re Killin Me Smalls Tee

    This is self explanatory, right? We’re all still quoting it to this day! And any Sandlot lover is going to really love having this shirt. This scene is also the one and only thing I think about when I hear “Tequila” by The Champs. You all know the one.

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  • 6) You Play Ball Like A Girl

    Okay, now this scene is rather iconic, but I will say that as a lady, I actually really liked that for the Sandlot 2 they had 3 softball players on the team and they were heated when they heard them say this line too. But it’s iconic enough that we have to include it. So here you go.

    Watch the scene here!

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  • 7) “Legends Never Die”

    The whole Babe Ruth visiting in the dream scene is a really nice touch to this film. The gang idolizes him and well it is his signed baseball that they end up spending last third of the movie trying to get back, so it makes sense. But this quote is amazing and I think this would be a nice touch to any bedroom.

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  • 8) Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Shirt

    This one is just iconic. The whole scene starts with Benny busting a ball and it ends with Scotty grabbing his step-dads signed baseball. Well, and him finally understanding who the Babe is. But give him a break he hadn’t really gotten into baseball until that summer.

  • 9) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez Tee

    This entire scene is just the best. The PF Flyers, the jump over the fence, the mad dash away from The Beast. All of it just complies so many good moments that really make you love this movie. Whether you’re a kid or an adult it’s absolutely iconic.

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