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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Plenty of humans are rushing to put together their Halloween costumes this year, but let’s not forget to include our furry friends! From cute to scary and everywhere in between, here are 19 pet Halloween costumes that’ll make your four-legged pals bark or hiss at the moon.

  • Business Dog

    For the dog that has an important meeting with its favorite tree at 3 PM, and they just can’t be late!

  • Poop Emoji

    Truthfully, this costume could be worn by a cat or a dog, because…well…you know.

  • Lion Mane Cat Costume

    If your feline has been working on its roar, this is the costume for them!

  • USPS Mail Carrier Dog Costume

    Oh, the irony! A dog as a USPS Mail Carrier? What a delight! The fact the costume will have your dog delivering a Priority Mail package is just icing on top of this cute, clever cake.

  • Cool Cat Costume

    Get it? Cool Cat?! Sometimes, the simplest costumes are the best.

  • Deadly Doll Dog Costume

    This might be marketed as a “Deadly Doll Dog Costume,” but we know who this is, and it’s totally creepy!

  • Jason Voorhees Pet Costume

    While this Jason Voorhees pet costume doesn’t include a machete, it does include a hockey mask, so hooray for that terrifying attention to detail.

  • Freddy Krueger Pet Costume

    Sure, Freddy remains one of the scariest horror characters ever, but this pet costume is rather adorable.

  • Pennywise Dog Costume

    Similar to Freddy, Pennywise was absolutely creepy, but a dog dressed as this iconic creepy clown? It’s pretty much the definition of “Spoopy.”

  • Teddy Bear Pet Costume

    Since the last few pet costumes were scary, let’s have a cute pallet cleanser like this precious teddy bear costume. 

  • Sailor Cat Costume

    Two words: Ahoy, kitty!

  • Pirate Cat Costume

    While we’re exploring nautical-based costumes, this Pirate Cat Costume is just purr-fection.

  • Bat Costume for Cats/Small Dogs (2 Pk)

    Once again, a costume sometimes doesn’t have to be complicated to be a hit, like this bat costume for those with two small dogs or two cats or one of each.

  • Superman Pet Costume

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just your pet dressed as one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

  • Wonder Woman Pet Costume

    All the world is waiting for you and the cuteness you possess!

  • Doctor Pet Costume

    Let’s face it: You need to buy this costume for your pet, stat!

  • Vampire Cat Costume

    Vampires had a serious moment in the early aughts, but they’re slowly making a comeback. Frankly, this is your way to make sure your cat is ahead of the trend.

  • Pope Pet Costume

    It’s your pet in a giant Pope hat. That’s just good fun!

  • Devil Pet Costume

    Because, let’s face it, even the best pet has its devilish moments.

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