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Must Haves

Must Haves

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“Space. The final frontier.” Whether you’re a Trekkie or not, you probably know those iconic words and the fact that in 1966 Star Trek: The Original Series debuted. Since then, the franchise has exploded with nine additional spin-off TV series, several films, and a whole lot of fan-made items. This list is our homage to the franchise. Here are 22 Star Trek items every Trekkie should own. 

  • Leonard Nimoy Headphone Stand

    Let’s start with something Spock-related! Not only do we all have this pang in our chest when we think about the late Leonard Nimoy, but Spock is one of the most iconic characters from the Original Series. This headphone stand is the perfect gift or piece for your collection. 

  • Federation Key Holder

    This is such a cool product. This Federation Key Holder would be a great addition to any Trekkie household. This item is handmade from natural wood and has five “docking” areas to hold your kids. 

  • Customizable Coffee Mug

    When it comes to buying a gift for a fellow Star Trek fan, this one might take the cake. These coffee mugs are a great at-home or at-work gift. Choose their division and rank, and add their name for a personalized touch!  

  • Spock Wall Art

    Have a man cave or nerd laid you’re looking to decorate? This Spock wall art would be a nice touch. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from a 10×7 to a 32×21 frame. 

  • Full Sized Communicator

    Cosplayers if you haven’t gotten your hands on a communicator here’s your opportunity. This full-sized communicator is approximately 2-inches tall and will look very authentic with any Star Trek cosplay. 

  • USS Enterprise Toy Model

    If you’re a tinkerer this will be a fun project for you. Build your own toy model USS Enterprise. This model even comes with a sound system that has realistic sounds! 

  • Set Phasers To Stun Captain Kirk Tee

    We couldn’t make a list of Star Trek items without including some fun graphic t-shirts. This “Set Phasers To Stun” tee comes in sizes Small to XXL.

  • Star Fleet Command LED Sign

    Again, this is such a great find! This would make an awesome addition to any man cave or nerd lair. Heck, I can totally see this hanging behind gamers while they stream. 

  • “Saint” Data Prayer Candle

    There was no way we were going to do a list for Star Trek and not include things from TNG! If you’re not familiar with this trend, over the last few years diehard fans of every fandom have been making these prayer candles with their favorite characters on them. This candle happens to feature one of our favorite androids, Data.

  • Star Trek Graphic Tee

    This vintage-style Star Trek tee is another perfect gift for Trekkie fans. Featuring the faces of Spock, Captain Kirk, and McCoy with the setting sun this is a cool-looking tee any fan would love. 

  • “He’s Dead Jim” Charger Skin

    Did you know that McCoy said, “He’s Dead, Jim,” or some variation of that line 20 times during the show? This iconic line can be yours on this charger skin. Perfect for fans who want something a bit more humorous. 

  • USS Enterprise Steel Tumbler

    Now, this is super cool. Sometimes when you find a tumbler from Etsy it’s super artsy. But for Star Trek, you want some a bit more futuristic or at the very least believable. This steel tumbler is laser engraved with the USS Enterprise and United Federation of Planets logo. 

  • Picard “Make It So” Christmas Sweater

    Do you Christmas right with this “Make It So” funny Christmas sweater. Picard’s “Make it so,” is every better when you hear it in this “Let It Snow” style jingle. 

  • Quark’s Bar Cork Coasters

    Now, I know not every Star Trek fan loved Deep Space Nine, but it had its perks. This Quark’s Bar Cork Coaster is actually really awesome. If you have a DS9 fan-friend this would be a really great gift for them. 

  • Enterprise Wooden Wall Clock

    This is just straight-up cool. When it comes to something unique I feel like this is at the top of the list. This handmade wood clock was designed to mimic the first Enterprise ship design. It’s approximately 19.5×10 inches and it’s wooden engraved giving it a nice unique touch Star Trek fans will appreciate. 

  • Spock Socks (with Ears!)

    I couldn’t help myself with this one! This actually had me laughing because what at first just seems like normal socks, comes with a pair of pointy Vulcan ears.  This is a great gag gift or collector’s item.

  • ST Replicator Glass Cutting Board

    Another awesome find! This is a Next Generation Replicator Styled large rectangle glass cutting board. It’s approximately 11.25×15.5 inches with rounded corners with a tempered texture finish. 

  • Star Trek Sweatpants

    Need a pair of comfy pants? These Star Trek sweatpants are perfect for you. Throw them on when you’re in the mood to do some binge-watching and have a ball. 

  • Picard Sticker

    Another product that had me cackling as I added it to this list. I don’t know what it is about Sir Patrick Stewart in a toga sort of ensemble with a saint-like appearance to him, but it certainly had me smiling. This is definitely something I could see on the back of someone’s laptop or on a water bottle. 

  • Red Shirt Might Not Make It

    The running joke of the Star Trek world of Red Shirt’s might not making it to the end of the episode. I mean, they always had some bizarre way of dying right? This is a great shirt for diehard fans of the franchise. 

  • Spock Toilet Paper Holder

    Run, don’t walk! This is such a crazy, amazing, cool find! This Legostyle Spock is a toilet paper holder! Seriously! It’s a 3D-printed item that will get mounted to your bathroom wall. I mean, come on. It’s an awesome Must Have item! Even the reviews say so.  

  • LCARS Plush Velveteen Throw

    And finally, when it gets too cold while you’re binge-watching your favorite Star Trek show you can cuddle up with this plush velveteen throw.  

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