Joel Katz

Joel Katz

Joel Katz

middle and right––Former Peralta Junior H.S. student, Robin Oertle(cq), of Corona gave Science teacher Sue Baden some flowers and gets a hug. Sue Baden's former and present students visited their favorite teacher in celebration of the leapyear at the turn of the century. The party was held at Santiago Middle school in Orange. (Photo by Geraldine Wilkins/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

I believe that all of us would love to spread kindness as much as possible. We don’t perform random acts of kindness for a variety of reasons, maybe we think we don’t have time, or perhaps we feel money is the issue (it’s not), or some might feel it’s “weird.” One extremely small way I try to be kind and friendly is when I’m on my daily run I give a quick wave to anyone and everyone I pass or see. I used to sometimes wait until someone else waved before I’d wave back, but at some point, I decided to always be the “wave initiator.” Again, this is a very tiny, teeny-weeny thing I like to do, but there are so many other ways to spread joy.

The fine folks at The Guardian have compiled “52 Acts of Kindness: how to spread joy in every week of 2023” to help us make 2023 a better place and more enjoyable for all of us. Some are as simple as helping a dying bee or donating a coat, while others can be more complex, but certainly doable.

Here are some of the “52 Acts of Kindness” on the list, see how many you feel you could accomplish this year…


  • Tutoring

    Maybe you have a special knowledge about a certain subject, try to help at least one person who needs it. Volunteer to help a struggling math student, or take some time to offer some knowledge to a student who is having trouble with their Spanish class.


  • Walk a Dog

    There are many people who have and need their dogs, but, for various reasons, are unable to walk them. If they can’t walk them, they may not be able to keep them. Maybe you can help.

  • Give Blood

    It only takes a few minutes and it could save a life. This could quite possibly be the easiest thing we could do that has the largest positive impact on others. And there’s the free donuts:)

  • Donate to a Food Bank

    Instead of simply donating the items in your pantry that you don’t use, go to the supermarket and buy a couple of bags of groceries that you would want if you couldn’t afford it.

    Proud Partner of Somerset County, Community Food Bank Of New Jersey and Feeding America

    Today, January 16th, we are open during regular market hours and all scheduled appointments will be honored. If you need to cancel, please call 732-246-0009 to leave a message with your name and phone number. Stay safe during this inclement weather!

  • Pay Someone a Compliment

    This is a win/win! You tell someone how much you love their hair or like their shoes and you both get a good feeling. Everybody loves (and needs) to hear positive things about themselves and it doesn’t cost anything.

  • Be the Office Secret Santa Year-Round

    We actually have one of those. Frania is one of our fantastic account executives here and she not only arranges all of the holiday parties and festivities, she also keeps a candy jar filled for all to enjoy. She also occasionally brings in treats like donuts or snacks for everyone. You don’t have to be a Frania, but doing something similar from time to time would certainly be appreciated and could turn someone’s bad day around.

  • Learn CPR

    If you don’t already know how to perform CPR, now could be the time to learn. You would feel an amazing feeling of satisfaction, and you would be ready to help someone in need should the necessity arise.

  • Buy Someone a Cup of Coffee

    How easy is this? You go and buy coffee everyday, but have you ever bought a stranger coffee. Simply, pay for it and say it’s your good deed for the day. It will make you both feel good and maybe they’ll pay it forward.

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